Sunday, October 2, 2011

Where Our Food Comes From

Most of us already know that the food that reaches our dinner table normally takes a very long path. Please read this article outlining this long journey. The length of this journey sometimes puts the quality of our food at risk of contamination at us at risk of death. What can we do to address this problem? After reading the article make a suggestion for how we can address this problem? More local farms? Better government regulation? Break up the grip agri-business has on our food sources?


  1. Hello Bauer!
    Well this is an intresting topic that everyone should read and blog about because it can have an impact on everyone's life.
    I believe that there should be more local farms because there would be more jobs for farmers and it would also allow for our food to not have to travel that long of a distance. If it traveled less then that would make our food be less likely to get contaminated.
    If there was also a better government regulation then maybe we would not have to worry so much about there being nasty things getting into the things we eat. It would also allow for there to be less of a confusion on where the fruits are heading to and where they come from.
    Overall just make the best choices for everyone to benefit from them.

  2. I feel that there is no real answer for this topic. For example, Idaho has there potato growing skills down to a science so why would we try and flood the market by trying to grow potatoes in California? There better questions is why is beef brought in from other parts of the country, and the specific answer is is where the processing plant for the beef is located. Should meet companies spend more money to build other processing plants? It is completely up to them. What i do know is that we have a local grower of grass fed beef right here on twin cities road. So why the community isnt supporting local buissness instead of mystery beef if you will is beyond me.
    Should the government regulate beef, i really thought that they were already doing that with what they set up as the FDA. SO why we are not udalizing that branch, is beyond me. And should the government break up the grip agri-business has on our food sources?
    Well my question is is argi-business monopolizing the entire agricultural market?
    Adn if so why hasnt the government done something about that already?

  3. Alex Abbott p.2

    I think that different areas have different land that can grow different items. Happy cows come from california, potatoes come from idaho, and so on. so maybe a local farm could try and grow the same products and sell them for it to have a lesser chance of contaminacion. but the thing is that the soil is only good for so much.

    so really we can grow our fruits and vegis but there is only X amout of years we can do so.

  4. Increasing farms will not do any good. Its simply impossible for every community to grow everything they need, let alone individual states. Many places already have a shortage of land and cannot expand, or have terrible land that cannot be grown on, only industrialized. Where would anyone find a place to set up farms? And on top of that, if it was possible, the market would be completely over-saturated and no trade would happen between states and communities. Everyone would have too much yet too little at the same time.

    It simply comes down to government regulation. As Dalton stated, we have the FDA for a specific reason, to make sure our food is healthy and not contaminated? If there are still contamination risks, why don't they repair them? Or regulate the food put into circulation in restaurants and stores? Where is the FDA to insure the safety of our food is the real question on this topic.

  5. the fact that our food goes though this big journey and that the possibility of picking up a disease or some other type on infection, are very high.the govt could issue a law that businesses have to be checked by the inspectors monthly instead of every other year or something. we as people could perform a protest to end all of this but we all know that our govt doesnt have the funds to satisfy the needs of the people


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