Saturday, October 22, 2011

Free Speech on Facebook

Most of you participate in some form of social networking such as Facebook. Have you ever added one of you teachers? If so, can your teacher say whatever he/she wants during off duties hours? A recent case in New jersey is testing these first amendment rights. Apparently a teacher used her Facebook account to describe homosexuality as "perverted" and that it "breeds like cancer." The teacher was objecting to the celebration of LGBT history month.

How far does a teacher's free speech rights go? Could a student who posted something derogatory on Facebook be held accountable by the school as well?


  1. You would think that since we are born with the rights to free speech. Each and everyone one of us has the right to say what we want at the desired moment we choose to say it. If a teacher decides to make a comment on homosexuality then he or she has the right. But i do also believe that the school can hold said person agaisnt to what he said in the court of law. But if a fellow student member makes a comment about homosexuality then no i do not believe that the school can hold the student agaisnt what he said. because that even though yes we are still techinically defined under the category of young adults, we still have the, immature, doesnt care what anyone thinks, perspective. and that is my thought about that subject.Sincerely, Jeremy DeBlois

  2. alex abbott

    yes i do participate in social networking and i have added my teachers before. and i believe that they can say whatever they want to say!

    To talk about the article provided...
    I think that that teacher has her own opinion about homosexuality and just wanted to share it. i think that it is fine to express your opinion as long as it doesnt get to the point where its being considered "cyber bullying".
    but from what i found in the article she was talking from a religious stand point saying it was a "sin" and “a perverted spirit that has existed from the beginning of creation”. so its obvious that that is her opinion and religion answers the question of why?

    i believe that the same goes for the students. ive seen some pretty bad FB status with racial slurs, cuss words, people saying "thats so gay" and it may be offensive to some people but as long as the person posting the status isnt targeting out one individual ( cyber bullying) then they are just expressing an opinion that they want to be heard. thats why we all have FB. to let other people know what is going on in our heads. to get attention.
    so anyways thanks for your time(:

  3. hi Bauer,
    im definatly not as involved with social networking as other people my age, but i do know that no matter who you are, you should watch what you say. Whether it's putting someone's feelings in jeopardy or putting yourself on the line, what you say makes a difference.i do like to express my own opinions and im sure other people are just the same, but when it can hurt you in the long run why say it at all??
    Also i think it was bold for that teacher to speak up.....too bad she has to deal with the media about it now !

  4. Yep, i do have a facebook! And honestly, schools are already involved in what goes on on faceboook BUT they are only involved as much as you let them be. If you are online and talking about school or doing things that impacts or has to do with the school then YES they do have a right to act on that. Cyber Bullying is at its highest and all of it goes on through social sites like this one. The teacher could have expressed her opinions, regardless of what they were, she has a freedom of speech that nobody can take from her. BUT if she puts the schools name on it or makes a reference, then shes representing the school and for that she should get in trouble. Why mix business with pleasure?

  5. yes i do have a facebook and i ahve added current or old teachers to my friends. A teachers freedom of speech is the same as others not just becaus they are teachers they are going to have less freedom of speech than others, but eveyone has a limit to what they can say on social network or in real life. School is already involved in everything but they should leave the parents do their responsiblities outside of school.
    -adriana ramirez

  6. I think that the teacher was not wrong in what she did, she was expressing her feeling and didnt call someone out so the school should not have gotten involved. If someone was offended by her comment they could have talked to her about it and told her why what she said was offensive but its not the schools buisness because she didnt make a reference to a student, a co-worker, or the school. Even though she is a teacher she stil has the right to voice her opinions without the possibility of losing her job.

  7. Yes, I am on facebook and have had requests from old teachers, but I don't feel comfortable sharing info with them so I have never accepted. However, what you say on Facebook, Twitter, etc. has proven more and more lately that words can come back to haunt you. It is there for everyone to see, including your boss and the authorities. Employers have every right to fire a worker in any job for saying something offensive or controversial on facebook the same way they could if it was said to their face.It really irritates me to see people rant about controversial topics and why they are against it on facebook, as if anyone really cares. Recently, an NFL player told a commenter supporting the team the player lost to that he should kill himself, publicly on twitter. He is now being fined $30,000 if I recall correctly. What you say about people can come back to bite you, freedom of speech or not. Feel free to exercise your amendments, just know someone somewhere has a record of what you said: there's no escaping your words when you blab on facebook.

  8. yes, They should definately be accountable. first off, if your a teacher, you should be teaching and helping kids out with these situations.If you cant hold your negativity and act like a little kid on Facebook. You should be treated like a little kid. Not a teacher. That is just one of those teachers that should not be working with kids. Just because your a teacher, gives you no right to say or act like that teacher did. Your just there for a job, Not to get close to kids and creep on them on facebook. That is all.


    mason weaver


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