Monday, October 3, 2011

Protests on Wall Street

Protests on Wall Street are entering the third week and spreading to other cities!!

These protests are focusing attention on Wall Street greed and the fact that no executives have been arrested for the economic meltdown of 2008 and the current stagnant economy. They are protesting high unemployment rates of over 9%. Poverty rates are at 15.1% now. These protesters are also pointing out the growing inequality in America.

Watch a video of the protest.

Do you wish these protesters well? Would you want to join these protesters? Yes or no?


  1. hi Bauer its Olivia again..
    its understandable that these people are angry, and they have every right to protest, but you can't throw someone in jail for 'making money'.if these big boss corporate guys didn't steal anything and are just getting paid an unusually high amount, than there is really nothing to be done. i would be on the streets protesting with these people, but not to throw some executives in jail,instead to fight for better rights in the economic downfall right now.Also i would point out the fact that its not fair for thousands of Americans to have to work 6 days a week just to put food on the table, while the rich people have to decide where to put their tax money that they HAVE to pay only because they have too much money.anyways, its sad to know that these people are in such a low poverty state,but its impossible to throw some of the richest men of the business world in jail.
    But its time to share the wealth!!!
    -Olivia french

  2. I feel that these protesters are doing something completely right. It is wrong that our government has done absolutely nothing to the lets call it founders of the crash. But why is the bigger question,i believe it is because they were paid-off early on.
    Also i believe that protesting only goes so far. It is going to take someone of a higher power then layed off people and people that are about to lose the job that they are fortunate to have. It is going to take someone in a government position that has not been persuaded or paided off to make a difference but these protests are a big jump for what these people are wanting to change.

  3. Oh i forgot the post above is from Dalton Garcia

  4. Alex Abbott p.2

    These protesters are angry! why? because the richest 10% control 2/3 of the nations money and the poverty leval is the highest its been since '93. However, the corporate people who are dominating didnt do anything illegal so why should they be arrested? for being succesful? i personally would NOT want to join these protesters.

  5. Theses protestors are doing justice in my opinion. the fact that there are poeple in this world who are willing to take a stand aginst "the man" and demand that some punishment should be made for what has happened. would i want to join these great people...yes. to have the right to join people for a great cause that could possibly end the economic "meltdown" would be a great victory. Sincerely Jeremy DeBlois

  6. I admire these protestors for actually taking a stand. However, i don't agree with the way they go about it. Being violent, although unintentional, is not the way to protest. They do have a good cause though. Seeing the videos in class about why we have the economic deficit as high as it is, really made me aggravated. Why put politicians into office if they can't even stand "peer pressure"!! Abd obviously, if the president had fired anyone who didn't do as he wanted, well shoot! Why not say something? Big industries are getting richer and richer and the middle class unimployment rates keep growing and growing, this needs to be adressed. I would like to join the movement, i'm big on taking a stand, as long as things are done rationally, thins need to planned with a bigger goal in mind. If its not going to make a difference, then why do it at all.

  7. I think that these protesters on wall street are completely right and i admire them for being some of the few brave people to tell corprate america it is greedy and are fighting to change it. I dont like that the police are trying to stop them and shut down what they are standing for because it shows that the police dont serve the people they sreve the rich corperations. The cops shouldnt be involved in this because freedom of assembly is still one of our constitutuional rights that the government cant take away.

  8. I think the protestors really have no idea what they are doing or what they want, besides "more". They so far have only caused commotion and have taken no real action towards a solution. Yes, it is corrupt what companies and CEOs do with there money, and yes it isn't right that they are so disgustingly rich. But at the same time, the same has been true for centuries throughout civilization. What the protestors want, without realizing it, is a Communist economy, not a capitalist. There is no such thing as a completely fair government or economy, some will lose and some will gain. In a world where everyone has exactly the same amount of money, food, housing, etc., where is the encouragement? Where is the drive to invent, to learn, to innovate? Gone. Without the aspiration to prosper, a country will never move and will be easily taken. These protestors need to find a real position to take a stand, and stop being so naive.

  9. NO, they are violent and foul.I would not join it. I dont believe with it being because of wall street. It is because of our government and lack of work. The rich people are the reason why this government is still standing. They pay more taxes cause they buy and spend money on big things. It isnt because our wall street. its Our government.

    mason weaver


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