Sunday, August 28, 2011

What Role Should the Government Play?

With Irene sweeping up the East Coast, we all watch in amazement and awe at Nature's fury and wish well to all those caught in the storm. However, who is responsible for the cleanup? Is it any of our problem that there are people left without homes? Should the federal government assist in victims of natural disasters? The same example applies in our state: should Californians receive federal aid after an earthquake hits? In these times of budget deficits, should the federal government help earthquake, hurricane and wild fire victims?

What do you say about those who chose not to purchase natural disaster insurance? Do we have an obligation to assist those who suffered through these disasters? If so, how much help do they deserve or need? Who should decide?

Essentially, what role should the government play? What would Marx and Smith say? Would you pay more in taxes to help these people? Or would you be willing to cut other government programs to offset the help?


  1. hey its bri beatty,
    AKA student of the week woot woot(: although i dont know if "incessant Enthusiasm" is a compliment or an insult...
    this weeks topic about the turbulance on the east coast is probably a very serious issue for people in the states affected. my parents are in the northern virginia/Washington DC area, and my extended family is in virginia beach, virginia, and those places were hit pretty hard by the hurricain/ethquake. i believe that for minor effects of the disasters such as a blown over fence, or a branch falling off a tree, ect, can be handeled by the victims. but more serious problems like destroyed homes and smashed cars and stuff should have some aid. with orginizations like the red cross many people are helped but for people left with nothing like some of the people in viginia and the surrounding areas goverment aid should be provided. i would much rather have to pay taxes that would be going to help people in the east then be paying taxes for something like a new arena in downtown sac.

    i think adam smith would say that the people on the east coast should have to deal with their issue themselves because of how he though everyone should look out for themselves and their own self-intrest. carl marx who believed in exuality would probaly go for helping them out.

    the goverment is responible for their people, and people in the US effected by this disaster are their responibility...

  2. Hey Hey Mr. Bauer! It's Amber Garcia:)

    Okay, so knowing the major destruction Irene has brought to those many states along the East Coast is just heart breaking. I feel that something as serious as this should truly be assisted by the government. We are in the land of the free where everyone should help each other in some way because that is what i feel this country is all about. The serious damage Bri mentioned such as torn buildings, homes, and cars should be taken seriously in which the government should take action and help with getting those Americans back on their feet.They can help with reconstructing sites or cleaning up the major damage the storm created. No one was in the wrong for this damage, but rather Nature being Nature. It is no one person's fault so therefore it is only fair to help those in need. If this type of destruction were to occur in California I would feel the exact same way. Knowing that there are people that would be willing to send aid to us Californians would be much appreciated and needed as well! The gov. is definitely responsible for its people and it is the right thing to do. Those who chose not to purchase in natural disaster insurance should still be assisted because it is right. they are still citizens who should be helped in times like these. I can not stress that being fair is just the right thing to do enough. I honestly would not mind paying more in taxes to help the lives of others. That to me is important. Knowing that there could be families living God knows where, it is crucial to help put them in a safe environment.

    Carl Marx seems to be the MAN of the two (him and Smith). he to me believes in fairness and would be more than willing to assist those in need. He would truly want the lives of their well being to be helped as much as possible. Smith on the other hand would see this situation as the state's problem and it is theirs to deal with. he only would be looking out for himself which is how he sees that everyone should get through life. I agree with Marx's ideas and see where he is going with his beliefs because I would do the same.

    In the end, the government should help the East Coast as much as possible in any way, shape, or form! That is their job to help its citizens and give us hope that they will do all they can do to help persevere through these hard and tragic times.

  3. Janett Gomez; mr.Bauer i think that we should help the homeless after a horrible disaster occurs.Give them the chance to re-cooperate what they lost and to start a new future .And for people with no insurance over a deadly incident as of fires and tsunamis, i think that its their own choice to either choose safety over concern. WE all deserve to be helped in our time os need.

    What role should the gov. play, i think they should help pay for what we have no control over. and yes they do have an obligation. etc. till next time...

    ---------jarret Gomez

  4. I personally think that the responsibility after a tragic event should be upon everyone else. We should all help the homeless and donate to the ones in need. They dont have the fault to what has happened to them. We should do the same as when Hurricane Katrina hit. We should all help each other as we would want others to help us if that ever occurred to us. I think the federal government should also contribute in times like this.

    In cases where we dont purchase natural disaster insurance, i think it shouldnt be an obligation. We never know when something is going to happen unexpectedly.

  5. Hey Mr. Bauer!
    Celeste Muniz
    I believe that natural disasters are something that we wish would never happen or we simply never think we will ever be in a situation such as Hurracane Irene or any other natural disaster. There might be people that think that who ever is in a natural disaster should have been prepared and have had the proper equiptment for the situation and should be responsible of themselves. But there are people like me that beleave that when someone is in need they should be helped, I honestly think that the government should aide the people that are in the need of help when a natural disaster strickes, other wise what would be the point of paying taxes when you are not even helped in a situation when death is at a near site.
    Even during harsh times in the economy when a natural disaster happens we should help eachother such as raiseing taxes in the times of need or even better before it even happens we hould raise taxes 2% that way we could be prepared in case of an emergency.
    When people ask if the government should be involved in these cases I beleave they should, one of the reasons we have a government is to keep order and keep our citizens safe. That is why I would rather use tax money for terrible insidents such as hurracane Irene rather than a war no one ever even knew why we were fighting it.
    PS: I really enjoy ur class I find it fun and exciteing yet I learn alot you dont make it boring Mr.Bauer and I give you props! Adios! =)

  6. Clara torres
    Natural disasters are something that we cant control we should be prepared for these disasters by buying insurance if this often occurs but the government also plays a big role and they too should provide relief to those who are in need. Natural disasters are something that are very difficult to overcome that’s why the government and the citizens should come together and help those who are in need at the time. Everyone deserves a second chance paying more taxes to help those that are in need even if it is a little bit of money can help.

  7. Alex Abbott here,
    I know that alot of destruction is being caused by this hurricane. Adam smith would approach this saying that they should deal with there own problems and fix their own houses. but i think that since government property is also being damaged that the governmernt should step in and replace whatever was damaged.
    i think that they should approach this like they did hurricane katrina: if people are losing houses and have absolutly no where to go, to have some sort of temporay shelter. so yes, the government needs to help! and i think carl marx would agree.

  8. i think that when a natural disaster happens it is our responsability to help people that need it. it isnt the east coast's fault that this happened to them so i dont think they should take on the burden by themselves. chances are that if a person's house and belongings are gone there job is too so they might need a helping hand to get them through the rough time. if there is a chance that a natural disaster is going to happen around you and your family i think it would be smart to buy home owners insurance just as a safety net. im sure that carl marx would want to help out the people on the east coast but adam smith would say that it is best to leave them alone and let them work it out.
    jose jimenez period 2

  9. Hurricane irene might be one of the scariest hurricanes in ten years, but it had minor effects compared to hurricane Katrina in 2006.i think that someone shouldn't be denied assistance just because they don't have medical insurance.the government should help as much as they can, providing food and shelter in public areas such as school gyms or coliseums (that hopfully wont collapse)and cleaning up the after math, but a program like that can only be in affect for a certain amount of time due to our countries enormous amount of deb (about 3-7 days worth of relief for the victims. Natural disasters are a terrible part of life, but the government helping rebuild and reconnect with its people would make the recovery part faster, and alot easier on the citizens.
    -Olivia French

  10. This is Dalton
    The better question is does the government have money. The answer at this point is no it is borrowing money left and right in order to even keep its self afloat. If the government has money in the reserves to loan out to help then i say it is a great idea but it doesnt so it isnt. Instead of asking for money from the government we should join together and put together a fund to help out people in dire need.
    I have no sympathy for people who do not have natural disaster insurance when they live in places with high risk of natural disasters. I believe that you should play it safe and have the insurance no matter what. I do not believe that the government should have to pay for people who were stupid and didnt get the insurance.

    Im sorry that i havent posted in a while, i have been really out of it.. but i am back in the blogging mood now :)

  11. I believe that the people who are able and the people that can afford to help, should. I also strongly believe that we should help ourselves before others. As we run to the rescue of other countries, we let ours fall apart in the process. How long did it take for us to respond to Katrina, compared to the disasters in Haiti? Weeks compared to days, if even. We put out our hand to others without bothering to help ourselves. People suffered here as a result of natural disasters just as much as some island out in the ocean. Heads up America; We look pretty poor to everyone else and our own citizens brown nosing other countries as we crumble. The government should get it's priorities straight and help ourselves before we race to be the first to be the hero to some other country.

    Sorry for a bit of a rant, I'm very opinionated on this country's priorities. Thanks to Mr. Bauer, I can now vote in the next election and have my voice heard!


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