Sunday, August 14, 2011

Your Next Choice (Post #2)

Within the next couple of months you will be making some critical decisions. Do you want to attend college? If so, why? Can you afford it? Does the military appeal to you? Why? How about finding a job? As you see below, the more college you complete, the greater earning potential.

But as you can see, the cost of college is increasing rapidly.

Soaring College Tuitions

The military offers some incentives for you to join.

What are the trade-offs and opportunity costs of these decisions? Which one makes the most sense for you? Why? Our in-class debate on Friday will deal with this topic.


  1. hey Mr. Bauer, this is Jennifer Giacomini AKA Snips. As most of you in the 5th period class know, i was accepted into the Navy and will be leaving at the end of this school year. it stands to reason, that my choice is obviously the military. ive thought about this since i was 10. back then, it was because..."i wanna go kick some butt and be cool and hold a gun!" well i can assure you that has changed.
    As a kid, i grew up around ex military. i spent my whole life watching my mom and admiring how strong of a woman she is. often i always wanted to be just like her. so a part of going into the navy is to make my family and myself proud. i consider it a huge honor to serve my country.
    Nowadays, its more than just that. my mom is very broke and we have no money to send me or my 3 siblings off to college. Knowing it will be very difficult for me to get into the college i want, or to find a job that gives me health benefits. I know the military can help me get an education, and health benefits as long as i remain in their services.
    Another reason for me is not what others would suspect. my family life or past arent the greatest of stories, and often ive felt trapped in this little town. one of my hopes for the navy is the chance to travel and meet new people. yeah, it would be considered work but i wouldnt mind.
    well there you have it, that is my choice. thanks for reading!

  2. Hey Mr. Bauer! This is Tayler Gray from second period. My plans for after high school are pretty simple. I would like to go to a JC for two years just to get my general ed done and then transfer over to a four year to begin my major in psychology.
    The reason i am choosing this major is because of my dad. About two years ago, he pasted away from alcoholism. He was a great dad but unfortunatley God decided to take him into His hands. I want to specialize in Family psychology. I want to help families that have emotional hurt, physical hurt, and individual hurt. I would like to help families that need help since I can relate to them in some ways. I know it is a lot of schooling, but im ready for it. I want to have a successful life and I plan on making my dreams come true. Most of what I want to be and who I have already become is because of my father. I dont believe I will have any money issues. I get money from my dad every month to help with my college and my mom has a savings account for me specifically for college. If I take out loans I dont plan on it being hard to pay it back with my perfession. I know I still have a while before I start college and I may end up changing my major, but I deffinatley want to be in a field where I am allowed to help familes with any types of problems they are having, whether it be with their own families or even problems out of the house. After I finish college, I plan on getting some work experience in other offices and then when I think I am ready I would like to open my own office and own practice. I think having my own office would show everyone how serious I take my job and how much I love what I am doing.
    I think for now I am sticking with psychology major, and if I end up changing in the future then so be it. I hope when it becomes the time to go to college I still want the same goals as now. I am very excited to begin my journey after high school. Oh ya, and become a freshman all over again....not!! Alright, thats all for now. Be back next week! :)

  3. This is Bri from Mr.Bauers 5th period.
    Though the benifits of going to college deffinitly beat just haveing a high school diploma, there are usualy many other factors to consider. For example the cost of tuition has tremendiously increased over the past years. And even with loans and scholarships, your bound to have debt after college So is it really worth it? Thats the question on a lot of seniors mind when there getting ready to graduate. And its not only the tuition price going up, you still have fees to pay, room and board, books and supplies, personal expenses, plus transportation and extracurriculars. And that is ALOT of money. But when you think about the avrage $50,000 or so more your makeing with the extra college, your opinion might be swayed.

    There is always the option of military, and though that is deffinatly not an option for me. the service may be an option for some people, but its deffinatly not my style.

    Going to work directly after high school is a option that most people would find pretty cool until they see how much money you can make with a college degree. So i dont think work would be in my best intrest.

    My plan is to go to a junior college for my first 2 years out of high school, the avrage tuition for a JC is only $2,713. which means i have 2 years to work a part time job, and earn some money for a university while getting my core classes out of the way.

    i know from seeing my oldest sister attend USC for college and graduate school that college is a HUGE expense. And though my sister is gunna have debt for a long time, her amazing job that she got from attending a university has lightend the load of debt.

    All in all, haveing a college degree is deffinitly great for your future job, and with hard work during and after college you can beat the nast tuition costs(:


  4. Good Afternoon Mr. Bauer!

    Today's topic is a good one being that I have just recently been speaking with my parent's and counselor as to which college I would like to attend and if I would even like to attend college after high school. I have completely ruled out the military in my options and am going to attend a college. Although the military offers to pay for college tuition and provides health benefits, I do not have enough courage to risk losing my life.

    I would like to attend a JC for the first 2 years and get my general education out of the way being that it is much cheaper to do so than attending a CSU for the first two years just for a general education. This also gives me a big enough cushion to allow me to further explore any other career choices I may be interested in being that I reamin undecided as to which profession I would like to encounter. What I do know is I would like to receive my BA at the minimum so I would be able to live comfortably on my own for a while. I understand this will require a lot of time, dedication, responsibility, and hard work on my part, but I am ready for the challenge.

    While attending college, I plan on getting a part-time job so I can save up to attend a CSU. By doing this, I believe I will be able to help pay for my attendance at a CSU once I finish my general education at a JC.

    I understand that college is expensive, which is why I came to the concluion that I would first attend a JC being that my parent's are going to be the ones who pay for it and which is why I also plan on getting a job to help myself make money in order to attend a CSU once I complete my general education.

    Please forgive me if some of the things I have said do not make sense... I am soooo tired and it's only 8:04! O.o

  5. Hello Mr Bauer,
    As of this week's blog we are on the topic that has to come to all of us at some time, what do i want to do with my life? And unfortunately Im still uncertain.

    Though, one thing i am certain of is, that i will not be going into the military because it doesn't suit me. As much as i love this country risking my life is not something i would really want to do. My plans are to go to college after i graduate. Which college, i do not know. As you had mentioned it is an expensive thing to do which is why I believe that i will be attending community college first. As well as finding at least a part time job in order to be able to pay for some of my things and not leave my parents with a load of expenses.

    The economic situation is not the only thing that is stopping me from going to a university, but also the fact that i don't know what i want to major in yet. I would like to explore the options that i have because it has to be something i enjoy doing because i will do that for the rest of my life.

    After i get my general education i plan on transfering to a CSU finish my education and enjoy the rest of my life doing what i love. Oh, and the reason for which people should go to college instead of getting a job is because in the long run you will be making more money :)

  6. Hello there MR.BAUER,this is janett gomez (aka) jarett it took me at least 10 min. to find POST A COMMENT so i hope that you appreciate that im posting on your blog even though it is a grade C: .. anyways my choice after high school is going to the Navy. I think it will be a good experience plus the benefits are AWESOME, well from what i hear from my sister-n-law.The Medical is most important to me; just to let you in on something i have at least 20,000$ dollars spent in my mouth,.. seriously from what i can remember because i lost count i have 8 or 9 root canals ha ha.. Besides that i just got an operation that removed 2 ovarian tumors believe it or not it should be 28,000 to cover it. etc. The Navy seems like something i would do straight off the back. If not the Navy i want to become definitely become a personal weight trainier or a correctional officer or even a Fire Woman. Of course i have a little time left to figure out what i want to do but as the time comes life will be a lot more clear to me and the choices i make. Another important reason why i want to go to the Navy is that they will pay for my college tuition, one thing i didn't want to do was live my life with DEBT oh no no no..anything but that.. id rather be a hobo..ha ha..If i go to college i want to study at School of Arts Institution majoring in singing or photography of wild animals and beautiful scenery ..If not that then acting or dance. To conclude this paragraph ,.. i have forgotten what i wanted to right ,till next time JAREtt :D

  7. ummmmmm your page wont show my comment
    olivia french

  8. Introductions are lame, so.. yeah.
    Over the next few months i plan on keeping my grades up and hopefully graduating. Then right after i'm going to do absolutely nothing over the summer, probably get my license and start searching for a job. I don't plan on staying in Galt, due to the fact that there's no opportunity in this dead-end town. The jobs are scarce and there aren't many options. College is my main priority, and I do intend on going. Something with computers or maybe a chiropractor. Who knows, my mind changes everyday. But, i'm in no hurry and i'm not going to let anyone rush me. Until i'm 100% sure of what I want to be. The Military has never appealed to me, even though i scored the highest on the ASVAB test in Lodi. But it was just a test, not actions, and in no forms does it relate to the military. Anyways, yeahh..
    Vivyan Torres
    Period: 2

  9. hey,its olivia french
    just thought i'd leave a comment =) The military and collge both have great benefits, but also huge opportunity cost. first, the military offers a great education for some, or a huge retirement fund for others. it can also help you learn skills that will be useful for the rest of your even military personnel are getting special help with buying and selling their houses! but does that really mean you should put your life on the line? in my opinion, college is the safest and smartest option for me. although ill be in debt until im forty, it will pay off knowing that i have a good stable career in the medical field. the military is a good choice for some and who knows, my opinion might change in the future.although college is expensive, there are all kinds of grants and loans and scholarships for students who apply, and try hardest to achieve their goals

  10. Hey Mr. Bauer its Clara Torres

    Although the military is very appealing especially with all the benefits that you are given especially with today's economy, but even with all those benefits I don’t have the courage to enlist, there’s something about risking my life that I don’t find very appealing. Id much rather go to college and even though the cost of attending a college is raising it will be all worth it in the end. I have decided that attending a JC for 2 years and then transferring will be much cheaper and will also give me time to think about what really does appeal to me. I have given it a lot of thought and have looked into careers in the medical field I still haven’t made up my mind. Many people have thought about not attending college at all and instead going straight to work, even though this sounds very appealing to us right now especially since we are all ready to get out of high school and move on to something new. In the long run we will benefit more from going to college even though we might not see right now there is also benefits, the salary we get will increases and we might end up doing something that we love verses being an employee at McDonalds. Sooo here I come college!!!

  11. Hi Mr.Bauer, this is Alex Abbott
    from your lovely second period...

    I understand that the more education an individual has the more money he/she will make. But there is also the issue of how much money college will end up costing us. The military is a GREAT option. When the recruiters came in today they made some great points. College paid for? check! Benifits( health, housing, etc) ? check! its all taken care of for a minimun of 3 years service. In my opinion, i believe that to be the better option because of how expensive college is now-a-days. Now, the military is not for everybody but it is definately a great option. Personaly, i am still unsure whether or not i would join the military or go strait to college.

    I have talked to my step-dad who is an E9, which is a very high rank, in the army and he thinks its a great idea. Also my step sister just got out of boot camp for the Navy and that is how she is paying for college. i grew up an army brat so really its something that im already used to, i just need to become a bit more physically fit in order to pass the PT test.( physical training). I know all y'all think im crazy for wanting to get married right after high school but if i do then join the army then guess what? my husband and i will have access to all of those great benefits. I mean comon', do you know how expensive it is for health insurence, rent, school, and everything ALL TOGETHER? itss probally alot of money that i doubt none of you have.

    Just a little background info on me, i am in the marching band here at Galt High and im not sure if you are aware but we do run it in a military style. and i absolutly love it. Representing our school with pride. we stand at attention and yell out "SIR" just like the army. and i like that. i like being a part of something that can represent somehthing big. The military representing our country that we all love. The band representing Galt High and Liberty(its combined). its a great feeling.

    So i do think the military would be the better option for me though i am undecided still. The trade offs would be having to move around and be away from Galt... in my case, YES!!! haha i forgot the name of the gentleman who came in today, but the darker one who worked with satelites, he got married and took his wife with him to other countries. i think that to be a wonderful experience. I am almost sure that i do want to go into the medical field and possibly major in chemistry and make bank and all that but maybe the military would be a good way to help me start achieving my goals. Overall i think it to be a great oppertunity that i might just take advantage of!

    Thank you for your time!

    p.s. if i get student of the week, DONT YOU DARE use my powerschool pic... :]

  12. hey bauer its me jose jimenez from second period. i think that a college education is the most important thing that you can have if you want to be successful in life. a high school diploma is good but it isnt enought to get you to a place where you are financially stable unless you can live on minimum wage, but i dont want to do that. sure college is really expensive but it will end up paying for itself with all of the extra money that you get in your higher paying job than the kid that just went to high school. there are also grants, scholarships, financial aid (fafsa) and loans if you need them that you can apply for if you dont have the money to pay for college. i really dont see why anyone wouldnt want to go to a couple more years of school so that you can make 2-3 times more money than high school grads. some trade offs are that you dont get to make money right out of high school because you will still be in school but tons of students in universities have part-time jobs. i know that going to college will pay off for me in my future. i dont want my powerschool picture on student of the week its bad

  13. Hey Mr. Bauer its Dalton,

    I am planning on going to Delta collage after high school. Mainly because i will already have 3 credits when i enter the school. After delta collage i am going down to Merced junior collage to go and get my Cal Fire training. After that i am going into the Cal fire program. I believe i can afford both of the collages because they are both fairly cheap because they are both junior collages.
    The military is most defenently a last result for me. The reason is is that they do actually train fire fighters in the military but you will be owned for 3 years.

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  15. Hey Mr. Bauer Its Arturo Vargas from 5period. The Military sounds good with all its benefits and you can travel the world, but i dont see myself signing up for the military. I still dont know what im going to do after high school but college is my #1 goal to reach. I might just do what everybody else is going to do, work and go to school at the same time. It is alot of money to go to college now then back then, but id rather be close to home with friends and family then thousands of miles away from them.

  16. Hi! This week's topic is quite an interesting one, if i do say so myself. Its definitely one with the ability to get people fired up but for me it tends to be one in which i fail to pick a side. I'm a student 100%. I don't think at all that the military is for me, but that doesn't mean that there aren't people out there who really are cut out to be in the military. For me, personally, a trade off of being in the military would be: seeing family whenever i feel like it, having to maintain a full time job, and having to follow a strict set of rules and contract in exchange for years of my life which I would have to give up for the duty. An opportunity cost would be that my career would be put on hold. Even though it would be nice to serve my country and have my college paid for, why have someone to pay my education and waste my time when i could find other ways to take care of it. People who don't want to be in the military, shouldn't do it. One should join because they feel its what they want to do, not because its what will pay for their school because when you truly want something, you do even the impossible to get it and if somebody wants to get their school paid for, they could always find scholarships or sponsorships or maybe even a student loan. By going to college straight out of high school you get finished sooner and you have many years ahead of you to gain all the experience necessary to get a job that will in turn pay off whatever money you borrowed to pay your school. If you study and dedicate the time and energy to your education you will be able to afford the NEEDS & even WANTS you have & there is no grater satisfaction.

  17. hey mr. bauer this is jeronimo velarde from your 5th. well ya i do plan on going to college but i realy dont know where i want to go.i want to attend college because if i have a carrer ill get a better job and make more not sure if i can afford it yet because i dont know where i wana go yet. no the military does not appeal to me.

  18. Hello, Mr.Bauer!

    I will be attending a community college for the first 2 years of general education and later transfer to a university. I plan to major in Psychology, but I'm not sure if I want to pursue it as a career. I unfortunately do not have the funds to go through university comfortably, financially. I hope to get as much help through aid/grants and scholarships as I can. I chose this route because it saves money while not sacrificing my quality of education too much.

    The only appealing factor of the military for me is the financial benefits. Medical bills and tuition are probably the most worrisome expenses for most young adults and the military is able to take care of it for you. However, this is at the cost of your freedom and and risk of death. Although it isn't as likely in certain areas of work, I am not prepared to make that sacrifice.

    I apologize for not being prepared for the debate on friday. I hope I can express my opinion through this blog comment. I would have preferred that we all discussed both the positives and negatives of college, military, and jobs instead of deeming any of them as the "right" choice. Every individual is different. College does not guarentee a well-paying job, or a job at all. Some people are completely against joining the military; it's hard to say if the benefits are worth it. Secure, decently paying jobs are very difficult to find in this economy, especially if you have no education past high school. There are too many "what ifs" and other variable attributes. There have been successes and failures in all routes. I did not feel comfortable with my fellow classmates' insults to the other side. These three routes are the options set for us and one does not have the right to judge which route someone takes.

  19. -adriana ramirez
    My plans after high school are attending college. I do want to go to college even though the military might have more opportunities i dont have any interesting in the military. I am not a rich person but not poor neither there are a lo9t of oppurtunities out there fro people to get money to go to college for example fafsa, grants and loans. I will also look for a job while i am going to college. I will either like to become a nurse or a lawyer and for that i have to go to college and i am looking foward to going to chico state or csu east bay.


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