Monday, August 8, 2011

Welcome Back to School Class of 2012!

Take this opportunity to tell us what your plans are for your senior year. What are your academic and extra-curricular goal? Do you plan on getting a job? What do you see yourself doing in one year? College? Military?

Also, don't forget to brag about your summer plans the past couple of months. What exciting adventures did you participate in?


  1. This is Angel Brittany. (:
    My goals are to go to Art Institute in San Fransisco for music. I want to work in the music industry. I plan on getting a job and I see myself being a freshmen in College.
    This summer, I went camping in Mt. Shasta, then camped for a whole week, for community service in Loleta.

  2. hello there, this is Alex Abbott...

    My plan for senior year is to basically survive. I do have goals set such as to be in the top 25 of my class while balencing my job at McDonalds as well with my extra curricular activities such as band and soccer however, my major goals are set for when i get out of high school. Agter high school i plan on getting married then attending a CSU such as east bay, san fran, monterey,...etc but i have not yet decided. i do want to major in chemistry and go into the medical field. I hope to make alot af money to support not only myself but my husband as well. and Possibly moving not sure where but FAR FAR FAR away from Galt.

    This past summer i went on a tour of Spain and Morroco(in Africa).it was alot of fun as well as a great cultural enhancing experience. While in morocco, i saw how different their lifestyle is from ours in America. They all basically live in poverty but there are a few exceptions. It was definately a wake up call to how lucky we are to have electricity, running water, and all that good stuff here in America.

  3. My name is Erica Valencia and I am in Mr. Bauer's 2nd period Government/Econ class.
    My plans for this year are the same as always, but to actually follow through with them this year being that it's SENIOR YEAR and I don't know about the rest of you, but I want to GRADUATE and get my life going!

    As an incentive to do extremely well this year, my aunt and uncle promised me a round-trip ticket to Hawaii to stay with them as long as I please. I plan on staying in Hawaii for at least 3 months after I graduate and have a nice, stressful, relaxing vacation. My mom has also promised to take me on a road trip to the east coast. We would like to visit New York and visit one of my best friend's in New Jersey.

    I do plan on attending college, however I am still undecided as to which college I would like to apply to. I currently have a deep interest in EMT and Ultrasound Tech, but my mind has been changing constantly as to what it is that I want to do for the rest of my life.

    Within the next year, I see myself attending a college to further my education and hopefully going to get my first job.

    My summer was a bummer. I was grounded the ENTIRE summer for choices I made in the past. For those who are curious people, I am glad to say that I am now focused, driven, and am back on track. My lesson is learned and I am making up for it this year. I am so excited to accomplish many great things this year and as well as in my future.

  4. This is Bri Beatty(: My goals for senior year are pretty simple, like every other senior, I want to graduate! It would be cool to get straight As and a 4.0 and valedictorian and stuff but thats not as reasonable as just saying i wish to pass all my classes. Im hopeing to work to the best of my abilitys and make an effort to keep above a C in all my classes. I want to make more friends that ill acctualy hang out with after H.S. and I want to continue doing cheer(:
    I know I dont have the grades to go to my dream college (usc) but im going to got to a community college and then hopefully transfer to a 4year. I dont know exactly where I want to go after I graduate, I can either stay here in galt with my sister (who I live with) or I can go to wasington DC because both my parents live there, and when I visited them they told me of a really good community collage near their house. but who knows, for now im just focused on getting the grades to get me out of h.s.

    Over the summer I went to washington D.C. to visit my parents and to go with all my family to the outerbanks which is a beach town where alot of people on the east coast vacation. It was really fun to see my parents and to stay in a house on the beach for a week. I went fishing for the first time and caught some little fishys and a skate, wich is like a stingray with out a stinger. It was pretty sick(: i went boogy boarding wich was pretty fun minus the sand scrapeing me up. For the first week i was visiting my parents we went and did touristy stuff in DC like all the monuments and meuseums and DC cupcakes. i also got to see my dads fedral office wich was pretty snazzy. and we found this samwich shop, the potbelly deli, wich was awesome.

    this summer i also went to cheer camp wich was really fun getting to bond with my team and have awesome food at uc davis. we won champion chant and got the spirit stick every day (no, spirit sticks are real, there not just in bring it on movies) and so camp was really awesome(:

    i also went to LA for a family reuniuon and got to see all my extended family as well as a bunch of people my mom grew up with.

    so if your not asleep yet ill wrap this up, soo all in all i had a pretty awesome summer. (:

  5. Greetings Mr. Bauer. This is Jennifer Giacomini Aka Snips.
    This year i just want to survive and stay ahead in all my classes, get help when i need it and graduate! that would be very nice indeed. id also like to get more involved in the communitee. this summer i was doing volunteer work at the farmers market painting faces. i enjoyed it. id like to get a job where i can interact with the young people.
    the I have been accepted into the navy and leave a week after school gets out. This is exciting but also i am a tad nervous...ok...VERY nervous. but i look forward to starting a new chapter in my life and setting a path for the rest of my life. as far as career id like to study psychology/criminal behavior. id also like to be a writer, hence this long comment to a teachers blog XP. summer was a blast. i went to Santa Cruz with my family and a fellow surfing buddy of mine. we entered the surfing competition and i won 4th place. other than that i spent the rest of my summer hiding in my bedroom typing away at what appears to be a promising story and going on adventures with my college friends.
    looking forward to the new year. excited to be a senior!

  6. hey bauer whats up it me jose jimenez from your 2nd per. econ class. my goals for this year are to get good grades in all my classes and stay caught up on college apps., financial aid, clubs, nd scholarships. i want to get into csf at the school because every year ive applied crawford always said no so i wanna get in it and rub it in her face. after high school i wanna go to sac state and get my general ed. done so i could transfer to usc. this summer was alright not that exciting for me, i was busy with youth committee meetings summer projects and work. alright then bye

  7. Hey Mr. Bauer & anyone who reads this:

    My goals for this year are pretty simple, get passing grades in all my classes and receive at least one college acceptance letter! ha! My goal as a senior class officer is to make this year EPIC for all the seniors! Its the 100th year, lets make it BIG! Get that Warrior Pride PUMPIIINNNGGG!

    After High School i have one focus and thats school! Hopefully i'll be attending Northridge state & continue cheering. If not, then Sac State is my second choice and then transferring to USC. My interest is in Communications so socal is definitely where i want to be!! Don't wanna be doing anything else but school and having fun, i mean your only young once right?(:

    My summer, for the most part didn't consist of anything too exciting. I mean, my dad doesn't have a cool job in DC where i can visit. & i definitely didn't have the opportunity to visit Morrocco or spain! ha! I spent a week in Santa Cruz with my best friend. & then Spent another week in the bay visiting family. Toward the end of summer i went to cheer camp! Two of my teammates and i got All American Passes! & the varsity squad won Chant Champs! That was pretty exciting! After camp i pretty much did nothing but leadership work & English HW. Woohoo!ha!

    so, yeaa. I think i'm done! Hopefullyyyy this time i submit before leaving the page haha. I just had to ReType EVERYTHING.

  8. Hey my name is Dalton,

    My plans for senior year are to excel in every class I take, and hopefully not get into trouble. That's the hope. I am not too worried as I am only at the school for only three periods of my day.

    I already have a job working at Brewsters Bar & Grill. I love it there; from the atmosphere to the food, it is a all around great place to work. My job title is a Busser, for now. I am hoping to move up in the company very soon.

    I am currently attending a Fire Science class at the Lincoln Academy aka, Lodi. Tranning to be a Fire Fighter is probably what I am going to be doing in the next year or so. I am planning on going into Cal Fire which deals with forest and major brush fires.

    This last summer was actually pretty awesome. I got to do great things like hang out with my girl , go and beat people at RPM, and go to Sunsplash. Besides all of that, I learned how to pour concreate and replace a oil pan under my lowered car. I wish that summer had never ended.

    As a side note, dont hit the preview button and then close it because it it doesnt let you see your post and it will also delete it.. JUST BEWARE.

  9. Hey Mr. Bauer it's Jodie!

    Man senior year is when you plan out your future and really set your mind to what steps you are taking next. My goals for senior year besides graduating is keeping my grades to A's and B's and hopefully maintain my 3.6 GPA. I would also like to make more friends and get a job. I would like to be more involved in school before I have to leave it.

    I really want to attend either Fresno State or Chico state to become a RN/ Nurse since I cant handle the blood of what an EMT has to be put through. But for now I plan on attending a JC like CRC or Delta to get the basics out of the way then transfer to a 4 year.I am also interested in photography, animals and sports but I can only pick one thing to do with my life for now. I am going to put all my effort to succeed and reach my goals with lots of good memories along the way.

    During the summer I attended cheer camp at Uc Davis in Sacramento. We got the spirit stick all 4 days we were there, and also the champion chant trophy! We all worked very hard all day and did our best in our performances. I also took a trip with my best friend to Tahoe were we went to the beach, checked out the nature like a really beautiful waterfall and shopped. Of course I spent time with my friends which there is never a dull moment with for example when we went to sunsplash and seen some very interesting people.

  10. Hey, what's up Mr. Bauer, it's me Alex Maldonado from your second period Economics class.

    Well my goals for my senior year are to keep my grades up and i am willing to do anything to get that to happen and also to update myself with college apps. Another goal would be to have as much fun as i can because its my last year of my high school career. Also some goals outside of school would be to improve my skateboarding skills as much as i can. Another would be to continue working with my dad as a landscaper and also help my mom around the house so that she doesn't have to stress so much. Last, but not least, another goal would to keep in contact as much as i can with my girlfriend Bryanna Coatney.

    After I graduate high school, I plan on going to the Art Institute College in San Francisco. I plan on attending there because I really enjoy art and I hope to include art in my future career. If that doesn't work out because of expenses, then my back up choice would be either Delta College or Consumes River College. Hopefully my plans after high school go as planned.

    This past summer, i didn't do much, but i have got to say it was the best summer ever because of the people i spent it with and the things that i did. My girlfriend came down from Merced, CA, to visit her dad for half of the summer. The half that she was here, I spent every day with her and her family. I was introduced to many of her family members and they all welcomed me to the family. I also spent a lot of time with my family for many of my family member's birthdays. On June twenty-first, my favorite holiday, my mom, step dad, best friend, girlfriend, and I went down to San Francisco to celebrate National Go Skateboarding Day. While we were down there, we came across a street course contest and my best friend and i entered it. We entered the S.K.A.T.E. Tournament and i place third. then we entered the JAM Session and we both made it to the third heat. After that we went around riding bikes and skateboards. Then we went down to the pier and walked around. On June twenty-ninth, my birthday, my girlfriend decided to spoil me with a brand new complete Expedition One skateboard with Independent truck, Bones Reds bearings, Kayo grip tape, and Plan B wheels. She also gifted me with a cake that was a replica of my skateboard, a new Plan B wallet, and a birthday card. the next day i helped my family pack for the camping trip that i missed out on because i had to stay because my girlfriends parents took me to an indoor skate in Rockland called EPIC Skate Park, I had to work with my dad, and I had a Skate Boarding competition that i placed second in. On July fourth, i spent the day with my girlfriend and her family and then I spent the night with my family. On July fourteenth, my family and I went to the cemetery to celebrate my cousin's birthday. We wrote birthday notes on balloons then let them float into the sky and then we all sang happy birthday to him. I went to the river with my friend jacob and his family and we almost drowned because we ran into a tree and the current almost pulled us under water. Other than that i spent my summer skateboarding. Overall it was the greatest summer I've ever had.

    Well I'm going to finish up my Resume then head off to go skateboard with some friends. See you tomorrow Mr. Bauer!

  11. Hello Mr. Bauer, This is your 5th period student, Dakota Knox.
    For my senior year I plan on doing all of the things I always wanted, but never got around to doing my previous years. Such as clubs, plays, succeeding, those kinds of things. This year I may even participate in a school production. Then again, I may not.
    Anyway, after high school, I see myself getting a part time (preferably in a physical therapist's office) while attending Consumnes River College. There I will cruise through all the necessary classes and earn my AA. After that, I will attend Sac State and Earn a Bachelor's in Kinesiology and become a physical therapist's assistant. As I age and Continue to attend Sac State, I see myself being forced to work a separate job as a bartender while still working for a therapist.Once I earn my master's degree, I will take my place among the Therapists themselves and finally travel Scandinavia with my father.
    I've run in it my head so many times, it almost feels tangible. I am quite sure that it isn't as easy as the child in my brain makes it out to be, but I'll get there eventually.

  12. Hey Mrs Bauer, its Arturo Vargas from your 5th period class. My plans for senior year is to earn a 3.0 gpa or higher and make my brother proud, because he set the bar high for me and i plan to reach it. To be honest i really dont't know what i see myself doing after High School. I know i should already have an idea of what to do. I hope this year i find something i like and pursuit it as a career. Well Mr Bauer, gotta finish my other Homework. See you in class!

  13. Good Evening!

    This is a little weird, posting in a Blog... and I'm not very good with talking about myself, but here goes.

    As far as my plans for senior year go, I'm really just concerned with making it through okay. I have to work hard to make sure my grades will be good, but even at this moment I can see I'm already slipping into my bad habits so it's going to be a difficult year pushing myself to do better after being on cruise-control for so long.

    I'm not allowed to get a job until after school, because my mom wants me to focus on my education. After high school I have a small idea of what I would like to be doing. I was thinking of joining the Air Force to make them pay for my college education, but due to current circumstances I might just go straight to Consumnes. Did I spell that right? My original plan of college was an Art Institute, or SacState but that's not happening right after high school.

    All I did over the months of break was summer school, with three days of camping at the very end of it. A friend took me to a lake last Monday, and we spent the whole day together swimming and kayaking! That was fun, and it was great for getting rid of the worst of my farmer's tan. Very exciting.

    Aiight, that's all I really have to say. Have a good night.
    - Helly

  14. this is jeronimo velarde from your 5th period,
    well my plans for this year is just to get through it, to graduate, get good grades, and pass my classes. in a year i see myself in college and havimg a job too.
    my summer wasnt anything great because i didnt do much so ya.

  15. zach alcoriza,
    My goals for this year are to do good in football and have a winning season. my other goals are to succeed academically so that i can attend to spring semester of college so that i can get my EMT license so i can get my career started as a pramedic

  16. hey Mr. Bauer, this is Aimee Georguson in your 5th period

    For this school year, I would like to attempt to maintain an A average throughout the year, become part of the top 10 or 25 students of my class, and recieve as many scholarships as
    I can. In my extra curriculars, I want to have my best year in cheer out of my high school squads, try to win a band review in our division, join the swim team, and try to get 7 hours of sleep a night.
    Delta will most likely be my location in a year, having a part time job, still living with the parents. If I earn enough scholarships and financil aid, I hope to attend a four year rather than Delta college. Whether it's across the country or 20 minutes away is still undecided, like my major, but my options are endless and I'm just seeing what the world offers me.
    During the summer, I worked quite a bit along with spent time with friends and storing up sleep for this school year. I also spent a day in both Yosemite and Santa Cruz. As usual, it went too fast and I never seemed to have enough time.


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