Sunday, September 4, 2011

September 11 Remembrance

Ten years ago this week, four planes were hijacked and crashed into the Twin Towers in New York, the Pentagon in Washington, D.C. and a field in Pennsylvania. Osama bin Laden was the financial backer behind this attack and 19 men from various countries in the Middle East carried out the attacks. As a result the United States passed the Patriot Act, attacked Afghanistan and later waged war with Iraq. While bin Laden is now dead, we still fight the two wars in the Middle East.

You were in 2nd grade when the attacks occurred. What were you doing when you first heard the news? What can you tell me about the attacks? Do you feel safe from terrorist attacks? Have the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq paid off? Do you have any other thoughts about 9/11 you would like to share? Where do we go from here?


  1. All I remember is my family getting a phone call from our neighbor crying, saying, "turn on the news, were under attack!" I went to school late that day, and didn't see the clips of the actual attacks till a few years later. It's hard to believe it was 10 years ago already.

    -Brandon Martin

  2. The morning that the twin towers were crashed I was getting ready for school and I came to the living room to see that my parents were watching the news with worried looks on their face. I remember being afraid at the time that something else would happen that could more directly affect me but I was also hopefully that this would mean I didn't have to go to school that day.

    The attacks did not occur all at once, but one after another with at least an hour inbetween. Many were killed by these attacks and our nation's firefighters and police officers were called upon this day to prevent as many deaths as possible. As for the planes, they were hijacked during what should have been typical flights and then driven straight into the planes.

    Immediately after the attacks I did not feel extremely safe but I have seen that new things have been inplaced to stronger protect the United States. I'm sure the wars in the Middle East have helped to an extent but may not be worth how many members of our nation has spent time over there through the military and how much money has been spent there.

    The events that occured on this now historical day has made our nation stronger after seeing that it does have weaknesses that affect us all. The government and its people have changed many things to make everyday living in this country easier and safer.

  3. wow, i cant believe that was ten years ago...
    When the first plane crashed i was in my step-dads car getting driven to school and i heard it on the radio. He freaked out and i didnt really know what was going on. Later when i was in school my teacher turned on the tv and the whole class was watching the news and another plane crashed. She then explained that we were being attacked by "bad people". i still remember her saying that. i remember not feeling safe and wanting to go home. But now, i do feel safer now that there are more security measures taken at airports and etc.

    The war in Iraq has beena burden on many american families. I, personaly, cried uncontrollably about 3 years later when my step-dad left to go fight. he was wearing his army uniform and i was in the back seat. i hugged him goodbye and he was gone for a little over a year... i was on my way to a rec soft ball game in Elk Grove and i couldnt play my game. we ended up losing. ( not really relavent but i remember that day in detail) i thank God that he came home safely as well as everyone else he traveled with but for some families they are not as lucky...

    Its definatley hard to believe how long ago that was but yet i can remember little details like what my teacher said to us and how years later i lost my softball game. Its been rough but i think that America is definately stronger now in terms of security and such.

    -Alex Abbott, period two

  4. 10 years ago on 9/11, i was waking up to go to school and all i heard on tv was United States was attack from terrorist. Being 8 years old i didnt know what that meant at the time. Until i got a little bit older and finally got an understanding on what happen. And no i dont feel safe from terrorist attacks because it could happen any moment of anyday of any minute without any warning. 10 years have passed and bin laden dead i can say that its gonna be a 10 year anniversery to remember. - Arturo Vargas 5period

  5. Mr. Bauer!

    I think it's finally time that i've caught up in my posting!

    First of all...WOW. 10 years since the attacks have occurred. It's amazing how quickly time flies!

    Being that I was only in second grade at the occurence, I really had no idea what was going on. I don't remember what I was doing, where I was..Nothing, nada, zip. My dad says he was driving over a bridge in the bay area and my mom was at a hotel.

    I do not feel safe from terror attacks, but I choose to not live life feeling scared. If you think about it, you can die at any time of day whether it be from a car accident, gun shot, or any freak accident. I believe everything happens for a reason, and if something is to happen, it will happen regardless of who does what.

    I'm not exactly sure if the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq are REALLY paying off. I believe war in general is pointless and builds more tension between individuals.

  6. hey mr.b. its bri

    on 9/11 ten years ago i remember my dad waking me up for school as normal and getting ready and as a part of our routine we did every day we turned on the news and i ate breakfast while he drank coffe. i watched the news with him not really knowing what they were talking about until my dad explained that planes had crashed into buildings on purpous. why? i had no idea. i went to school as normal and all of our teachers had discussions with us about what was going on and a random assembaly about it that day. ten years ago i didnt understand the seriousness of the situations. but now as i have learned what really has gone its crazy. i feel that i am safe mostly because why would a terrorist attack galt?! but as for my parents in washington dc, and my dad working for the feds, i worry that if there was another attack they could be hurt. though our airplane security has gone up tremendously i think our security sucks because on my last flight into washington dc to regan national airport i acccedently took a pair of kitchen siccers onto the plane in my back pack and no one caught me... 9/11 was a terrible event, many men and wemon lost their lives and they will not be forgotton. and as for the people who served our country in the war/police/firefighter/and rescue squads they will be honored. i believe the wars are not good for america and should be ended, period.

    thanks for reading(:

  7. i didnt know there was a new blog every week, i need to catch up on my posts haha.

    i was getting ready for school when i walked into the living room and saw my mom, older sister, and brother watching the news. i sat down with them and i started to listen to what th reporter was saying. he said we were getting our planes hijacked by al-qaeda and crashing into buildings. i asked my mom what was happening because i didnt know and she said that we were getting attacked by people who hated the u.s. and she said that we werent going to school that day. i got scared and asked if we were safe in galt but she said she wasnt sure and that she was praying everything was going to be alright. the rest of the day we watched the news and heard about all of the people that passed on that day.

    i didnt feel safe on that day because i thought that they could attack galt no problem at all so why wouldnt they (now i realize that people from sac dont know where galt is so how would al-queda). a while after america went to war with iraq and afgahanistan and i thought it was a good idea because they were keeping us safe but 10 years later and still fighting is crazy. nothing good has come from the war in my opinion so i think it would be smart to get out before it gets worse.
    jose jimenez period 2

  8. Wow its been 10 years already!
    it seems as if it was just yesterday when i was getting ready to go to school and my mom had just done my hair, when my dad called her over to the living room where he was watching the news. We were all watching the news of when the twin towers were struck but i didnt understand what was going on. When i got to school all the teachers were crying and without expression. thats when i understood it was something serious.
    i remember they had the announcements and after that we had a minute of silence for the people who had lost their lives.
    it was until a few years later when i fully understood what occured on September 11.

    Now these days it is hard to feel safe when there are so many bad tings going on around the world.
    i feel as if the wars with iraq and afghanistan have not paid off, we dont feel as safe as we did more than 10 years ago. fighting is not going to bring back the people who tragically lost their lives, it is just killing our soldiers and breaking families apart. it has also cost this country BILLIONS of dollars. Some people may think the wars were worth it but i dont!

  9. I don't remember what I was doing, but my mom told me she had just come in from doing some yard work (yes, i know, that early in the morning. Crazy, right?) And she saw after the first plane crashed and was just about to go outside until she saw the second plane crash. It scared her so much, she was in tears. But I don't know why I can't remember that day.

    I don't feel safe, even now, after the attacks, because our airport security isn't that strict as it should be. As Bri said, she got on a plane with kitchen scissors and got away with it. That right there, frustrates me. They need to improve everything.

    As for the wars with Iraq and Afghanistan, nothing can ever pay off what kind of loss and devastation happened to our nation. Our World Trade Center is detroyed, our people our gone and we can never get them back. How can anyone repay that? Yeah sure, it gives us great relief that Osama is dead now, but hearts are still broken.

    Everytime I'm surrounded by the information, pictures and devastation of 9/11, I get angry and very upset. Our world is sick; we can never be equal, we can never be at peace, and we can never agree to things. Everything is a never ending battle to who's greatest. The 9/11 attack could've been avoided somehow and someway. But it wasn't.

    ~Angel Brittany

  10. Hmm it’s hard to believe that it happened 10 years ago!! Doesn’t seem like it was that long ago. All I remember is my mom calling me to the living room so I would watch TV with her. I don’t remember the rest but she says that in the news report you could see people jumping out of the building.

    I know that the government is doing there best to keep us safe but I don’t we never thought that what happen on 9/11 would happen but it did. But we can’t be afraid some things are just bound to happen we must live life without any regrets we should be cautious but not paranoid. We to keep moving forward and remember those who lost there lives due to this terrorist attack.
    -clara torres

  11. The 9/11 attack was probably the worst attack in U.S history.i remember on that day i had the flu really bad, and my dad was at home watching t.v with me.all of a sudden i just remember seeing one of the towers collapse and a women started crying in the background of the was an attack that forced everyone to be cautious at all times for several years, but now i believe the U.S has a better idea of how to prevent these attacks and what to do if they occur.i feel safe from the terrorists, but you never know when something like that could happen again somewhere else in the U.S.
    -Olivia French

  12. hello Mr.Bauer its JANETT GOMEZ ,.. well we are touching a very sensitive subject..9/11. when alot of people died from a terrorist attack.Personally i think O SAMA BIN LADEN was a coward and had his suicidal pals to help him out so he wouldn't be captured. It sucks for everybody who died and family's who lost someone important to them .What do i think about terrorist attacks??hmmmm ,They are scary but at most sneaky and should be avoided and we should always be alert. Do i feel safe ,well i dont necessarily feel threatened .? and as of the wars i dont think they helped so yeah thats what i think .

  13. And today is the day. September 11th, the day many of us remember the tragedy that occured 10 years ago. Even though time has gone by, it doesn't really seem like it because time isn't making things any better.

    Well even though this was a decade ago i recall that the first time i found out about what had happened it was an evening, the day of, just about exactly ten years back. I was watching the news with my family when the twin towers came on an there you could see the devastating scenes of the towers collapsing. I was seven and had no idea of what was going on but it was easy to infer that i was not a good thing.

    As much as i can feel like im safe, i know im not along with everyone else because you never know what can happen at anytime.I also don't feel like the war has paid off much but hopefully it will. I hope better things come along in the future and that we never forget the people that died on that day.

  14. Hello Mr. Bauer,
    Ten years i can not believe it, time passes by fast.

    When this happened all i remember is being inside my classroom with all my classmates and the principal announced it over the loud speaker. We had to give a minute of silence or so i dont remember right.
    The attacks were not all at once, there was time in between. Many many people died from these attacks, fire fighters, police, children, woman, men, pets etc. The planes were hijacked and then driven into the towers and the pentagon. I do not feel safe from the terrorists atttacks because we never know when they can be close by home or state and do something bad like what happened in New York.
    We have to move on in life and always have in our hearts those who have past away in that horrible tragedy.

    -Gabriela Inzunza

  15. Celeste Muniz,

    On September 11, 2001 I rmember I had bearaly woken up when I heard my mom calling my dad to his work to tell him what was happening I was a kid I didint really understand the gravity of the situation, all I knew was that it was really bad since the normal brodcast on tv was not the same as always this one was full of worried people that were just hopeing there wouldent be any more attacks. Once I got to class my teacher was explaining to us the things that were happening and she told us to not be scared that our government would do the best to protect us. Now it has been 10 years since the attack and truthfully I am nutral on the question if I feel safe right now. I feel safe here in the town of Galt, but if I were to step out into the big cities I know I wouldent be safe. There are alot of new machinery that are helpful to our military but if they were to fall in the wrong hands we would be doomed there for I do not feel safe knowing that we could be bombed at any momment no matter how hard our government tries to protect us from terrorisim. I beleave that instead of useing all our money on the illegal deportatinon thing we should focus more on the actual things that matter, it really bothers me when they try to say that hispanics are the number one threat as terrorist to the United States when it has been proven that most of them come here to find a better future and work, there are bigger issues that should worry us like makeing our east coast more secure and haveing people look after our comunities rather than rying to hunt illegals down and treating them like criminals. I want to thank all of the people who helped the 9/11 victims and their families,even though we were in a really bad situation we helped eachother without even thinking and thats one thing that actually makes me feel safe, that there will be someone there to help me and my family in momments where it is life threatning but yet we will still be helped.

  16. This is Dalton,
    I can not remember for the life of me how or what i was doing at the time that the terrorist attacks where going on. As i do know, the attacks where focused to hurt America where they could do the most damage in the least amount of time. The point was to try and make America suffer. I am leaving my safety in the hands of the government everyday. They are the ultimate controllers over what is safe and what is not. The face that i live next to a nuclear plant that still has live rods in it scares me a little more then usual but rather then that, for now i feel safe.

    The war in Iran and Iraq were needed so those countries didn't go into a civil war. Either way i feel that America would have been in those countries either way.

    I feel that 9/11 should never be forgotten but should not be held over our heads as a sign of sadness but as a sign of weakness in the system we believe in and we should try and improve the once week system everyday.

  17. Jodie Woods...

    On September 11, 2001, I was getting ready for school at my grandmas house, when I was eating breakfast, it was on the tv. I didnt really understand at the time what was going on. My grandparents were upset, and in a panic.

    I have learned that they tried to go for the pentagon, and obviously the twin towers. I recently learned about the field in Pennsylvania. I also didn't know that the 19 others were trained in the US. I still can't believe it has been 10 years since the attack, and how much has gone on since then.

    I do at time think about if there were a terror attack again.. and what would we do about it? And how it will effect us? How would it happen? I guess we never know what is in store for us.

    My thoughts on the war, are that we are trying to stop the terroist doings going on in the middle east, but thats all I really know. Being at war this long, you kinda loose track at times. Im not really sure it paid off, but I know that now Osama bin Laden is dead, and hopefully turn the war down a notch.

  18. -adriana ramirez
    it has been 10 yeras since we lost a lot of people in the 9/11 attack. The only thing i remember from thta day is that it was all over the news , my teachers were realy sad and depresed and they told us not to worry about anything that everything was going to be okay, and one of my aunts was really and was crying but i didnt why. I know that day the twin towers collapsed from the attachk , the pentegon was also hit and a lot of people died.


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