Sunday, August 8, 2010

Welcome Back to School Class of 2011

In an unprecedented move, 12th grade social science teachers Bauer, Phenix, and Sloan have created a current events discussion board for the entire senior class. Sunday and Tuesday night by midnight a new topic will be presented with internet links to a story in the news relating to government and/or economics. All students need to respond within two days to each blog throughout the school year. Your comments will not appear until one of the three instructors has seen it and approved it. Make sure to use your real name, so you can receive credit. Go ahead and try out the comment feature by clicking on it below. You should subscribe to the RSS feed and become a follower of the blog. The blogs are embedded within the teacher's websites and are accessible through most smart-phones. The first blog will be posted by Sunday night, the 15th and will be due by the beginning of school on Wednesday the 18th. Ask your instructor what the requirements are to receive full credit for your responses.

Respond to the following to practice how to post a reply:
  • What are your goals for your senior year?
  • Have you thought of what you want to do with your post-high school life?


  1. My goals for senior year are to never forget to have fun even with the little things. I also plan to strive for excellent grades. My post-highschool life I would like to go to college at UC Davis and become a pharmacist and then an anesthesiologist :)
    -Haley Collins

  2. My goals for senior year is to pass all of my classes of course. Along with passing all my classes, i want to have as much fun as possible considering it's my last year to be a kid. My Post-High school life will consist of me attending ITT Technical Institute. I Will be pursuing leads in Criminal Justice/ Criminalistics, as well as Computer Engineering and Advanced Development and Programming.

    ~ Johnathon Skinner

  3. My goals for senior year are to pass all my classes and AP tests at the end of the year. After high school i want to go to college and see the world.
    Christine Schmidt(Sloan/Bauer)

  4. My goals for senior year is to stay out of trouble pass high school and hang out with my friends. i plan on going to college at the CIA. ANd hten a veternary college.
    Tiffany VanVactor Mr. Sloan 5th per.

  5. The goals for my senior year is to pass all my classes with flying colors, maybe go to dances and get my booogie on with a beautiful young lady, start driving, get a job, and have fun the whole year. After high school I want to be music producer and a dj. From the coooolest Brotha Aaron Gauding. peace

  6. My goals for senior year are to get good grades and to pass all of my classes. After school i want to join a fine arts school and take a vacation. During this vacation, I would like to travel a little and just generally have fun.

    -Michael Freeman

  7. goals for senior year; get out of this school.

    post high school, continue at my job, and go to CRC and possible somewhere else after my G.E. is taken care of. goal is to be a personal trainer.

    -Bryan Jenks

  8. My goals for senior year are to pass my classes with a reasonable grade, expand my learning, and most importantly, have fun!

    As far as my post-high school life i've been looking into attending Acadamey of Art University in San Francisco, Ca. I'm hoping to major in fine arts.

    - Cierra Gonsalves - Mr. Bauer, Period 5.

  9. Senior year goals- graduate with at least a 3.0, get a job, and make this last year a good one.

    Post high school plans- Hopefully have job for money to go to college. Community first to get through some core classes if they need be, then music major at Chico State or Musicians institute in LA if possible.

  10. My goals for senior year are to pass all my classes and to graduate with a high gpa. I also would like to gain knowledge that will be very helpful for my future life.

    After high school, I am planning on going to the Modesto college to take worship internship so that I may get better at singing and learn how to communicate and connect with the audience whenever I sing.

    -Melody Morphis

  11. My Goals for Senior year is to rank top 12 in my graduating class.
    My Post-High School plans include going to a four-year college, where I will double major in Health Science and Foreign Language. I intend on going into the medical field to become a Neurologist. If i do not choose a college, I will go into the Military, Navy Branch.

  12. my goals for senior year are to have a lot of fun because this is the last year of highschool and to also get a 4.0. and my other goal is to make mr.bauer really miserable in his 3rd period class...just kidding:) and after highschool i plan to go to a junior college and then transfer to a UC. i want to study criminal justice and be in the CSI!
    ---your favorite student even after the 3rd day, brooke fletcher

  13. You know Kenny, I had to find out how to sign in the hard way. All because of your false words and procrastination. I'll never trust you again. :(

    Honestly I just wanna graduate from GHS with the best GPA that I could have possibly gotten, and from there I'll make my way into video editing and computer tech. If it doesn't turn out to be what I want, I could follow my bro into the USMC. Semper fidelis fool.

  14. My goals for this senior year is to work hard and do my best to pass all my classes so i can graduate! After im done with highschool i want to go to crc and then transfer to sac state i want to pe a probation officer.

    Melissa Lomeli Mr. Sloan 5th period.

  15. Kenny, have you logged in yet???

  16. Unsure on how to post comments regarding the Galt High Government and Economics Blog? The following tutorial will be of your guidance: Click Here.

    -Kenny Smith(Sloan/Bauer)

  17. My goals for Senior year is to get strait A's and maybe get a Job. I want to go to every school game and try to get in to UC Davis. Tori Milligan

  18. Samantha SchmiererAugust 16, 2010 at 6:35 PM

    My goals for senior year are to have fun and pull good grades. I want to pass the AP tests for both my AP classes. Post highschool, I would like to go to UOP and double major in Psychology and English (:

  19. My goals for senior year are to maintain a 3.0 and to go to playoffs for football. Post high school, I wanna go to any school on the west coast and hopefully have a chance to play football at the next level.

  20. My goals for my senior year is to try my best and focus alot more into my school work and do good On my senior project as well. After high school I would like to attend sac state and get into the chp academy. Santiago N Diaz

  21. Senior year goal?
    I want to pass my classes and try to maintain my life. Do you know what i mean?
    I mean do my stuff, but don't stress over it.
    No, i don't have senioritus, but i'm not a bookworm either.
    After high school, i plan on going to a JC around here and then transferring to a State or a UC later.

    Odoile Rules

    Daniel Ruiz
    Econ <-That's new.
    Per. 5


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