Friday, July 30, 2010

Unemployment Levels Remain High

According to today's New York Times, with the U.S. economy's annual growth at a sluggish 2.4% growth and unemployment at a high level of 9%, the economic outlook does not look good. These national figures can impact the job market here in Galt. Can you describe the job market here in Galt? What companies are hiring and at what wages? Do you or your friends have a job? If so, what do they do?


  1. I know the market for teachers has been affected. Some have lost their job and those who still work may lose some pay. I'm sure WalMart will be hiring at minimum wage.

  2. omar, sloan per. 4August 9, 2010 at 8:46 PM

    school in past time has been affected by the maket alot for example, some classes were dropped like medical assistant. i was enrolled in that clas and personally, i thought that was a fun and very educational program. but the school just did not keep it and something had to be dropped. and also adding to walmart, i applied there but still havent recieved anything, not even a "thank you for applying". really hard to find a job right now.

  3. Yes the schools have been affected greatly. The school was thinking about dropping the drama program but if you think about it that is one of the very few performing arts program which is something that we need to graduate.They board also tried to cut the music department and that includes thecolorguard program. This program helps teach students responsibilty and leadership skills. They have let alot of teachers go because the couldnt aford them and the have cut som of the teachers wages down to 60% but then the can afford to redo the office building and the engineering building the staff bathrooms some of the student bathrooms and build a completely new school that wasnt necassary if they had just spent that money on fixing our school it would have helped alot. Alot of jobs arent hiring because they arent doing so well themselves that they cant afford another person on the pay roll so they just dont hire anymore people than they absolutely have to.

    Tiffany Van VActor Mr. Sloan's 5th period

  4. Haley Renee Collins ContaweAugust 11, 2010 at 12:49 AM

    The job market is ridiculous these days. The economy is horrid and has a huge impact on our generation. First off let me start by saying, they cut our teachers. This takes away the connection we have built up, the excitement where you think yay! Ill have Mr./Mrs. so and so again...but nope LRHS takes them away because teachers need to be cut for budgets. I dont know about you, but I was crushed when I heard the Shroes had to go. Anyways,Galt is a small town, yes? There are not that many interesting employment opportunities that lay in our midst. Many teenagers these days when they hear the word "job" the first thing they think of is applying to a fast food location. There are various jobs in Galt, but something that ponders my mind is why did Taco Bell say they are hiring? Then I went in for an interview... did excellent and the manager states they have a full staff and arent accepting new applicants? If you really start to think about it... the chances of obtaining a job in Galt are slim to none. Things I recommend personally are to try commuting 15 minutes for work, or try finding a tutoring job. I myself found a job where I tutor a 12 year old with basic Middle School learning every weekday for two hours and I get paid 100 dollars a week. That $400 a month is enough and I have my months car payment of $145! Minimum wage is harsh. So I recommend finding something you enjoy and if you can drive find a job in EG or even Lodi, because if you start to think about it.... all of our students plus the students from Liberty... that's alot of jobs and we all know Galt is not that big of a town.

  5. I have heard within recent updates that the unemployment rate is in fact 11%. However, I have had close to no trouble finding employment. I currently work at a church as an educator and child care assistant. The wage is part-time, and is enough to sustain my low amount of needs (i.e. Gas, Cell Phone). No my friends do not have jobs however with the exception of one and I work with her.

  6. Galt is really small there are not alot of jobs here. i dont have a job but i have applied at Taco Bell, i also heard that they are jobs open at cvs and subway but you have to apply online and as for the new movie rental place i think my friend might get a job there lucky her!

    Melissa Lomeli
    Mr.Slaon 5th p.

  7. the job market here in galt from what i can see are the minimum wage jobs at places such as raleys, jack in the box, etc. so findin a job here in galt right now isnt reallY the best

  8. I think that alot of little jobs in Galt are going out of bussiness because do not have very many people go to thoughs stores. Also many teenagers need little jobs like that to start off. I dont think that teenagers need such a high paying jod just yet.None of my friends have jobs yet. Tori Milligan Sloan 3rd period

  9. Enrique Angulo

    Well in my opinion most immigrants do fill a large part of employment whether its at a fast food restaurant or other jobs that seem to be full and are no longer accepting job applications due to the fact that most employees are immigrants, and as for the border no matter how tall that wall is there is no boundaries that can stop an immigrant from crossing it the pride and courage that immigrants have is much greater than a tall border restricting their access to this country.

  10. Danielle Bulmer --Bauer--4August 18, 2010 at 2:45 PM

    I think that pretty much everywhere in Galt isn't doing so great with the economy, especially the schools since a lot of programs have or are being cut.
    As far to my knowledge not many places are hiring in Galt though places outside of Galt such as Lodi, Elk Grove, and Stockton are hiring. Places for sure are Marshalls, TJ Max, Home Goods, Ross, Khols, Toys R Us, Joans... Though because the economy is doing so poorly it's fairly competitive to obtain a job.

  11. I agree with nick. their isn't a whole lot of jobs that adults can survive off of in Galt. most parents commute to another city for their job because we mostly have fast food in galt.

  12. enrique salazar sloan per5December 15, 2010 at 2:42 PM

    there isnt a whole lot of jobs in galt that many people can live off of thats why many peoples parents commute to other cities for a good paying job


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