Saturday, October 13, 2012

Which Presidential Candidate Do You Identify With?

Take the I Side With presidential election quiz.  Share your results. 


  1. Interesting, though i am more democrat, i am with Mitt Romney 75%, Barack Obama 73%, Jill Stein 71%, California voters 57%, and American voter 57% of the time.

  2. I side 80% with Obama, 79% with Jill Stein, 76% with Gary Johnson, 62% with Rocky Anderson, and 19% each with Mitt Romney and Virgil Goode. I associate most with the Democratic Party, second with the Green Party, and third with the Libertarian Party.

  3. I consider myself one of those swing voters:

    Mitt Romney
    Virgil Goode
    Gary Johnson
    Barack Obama

    by party...
    84% Republican
    63% Democrat
    58% Libertarian
    54% Green

    -Mariah Franco

  4. After taking the quiz, I found I side 81% with Barack Obama, 68% with Jill Stein, 68% with Gary Johnson, and 43% with Mitt Romney. I also side 55% with California voters and 55% with American voters as well.
    Danielle Hazlett

  5. I took the quiz and i found out that i agreed more with the green party
    Gill stein 74%
    Gary Johnson 69%
    Rocky Anderson 63%
    Mitt Romney 60%
    Barack Obama 57%
    plus i agreed with 44%of American voters and California voters

    Ezri loy


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