Sunday, October 21, 2012

Political cartoons have been a popular form of expressing opinions since the Revolution period.  Below is a political cartoon from this year's presidential campaign.  What is the statement of the cartoon?  What is it saying about the presidential election process?  Do you agree with the meaning of the cartoon?

Which Mitt © David Fitzsimmons,The Arizona Star,romney


  1. This cartoon is commenting on the ability of presidents, namely Mitt Romney, to change the facade they present. It is saying that Romney has the ability to change his "personality," as if he were just putting on a new mask.
    This is talking about the different stages the presidents face, as well as how they change their appearances to fit their needs.
    I do agree with the cartoon, as the candidates are hiding behind masks, so we do not know who they really are.

  2. This cartoon is of someone stating their opinion about Romney. The cartoon states the idea that Romney has different personalities.
    The cartoon comments on the presidential campaign by saying that president candidates present themselves differently at different times of the campaign. The cartoon indicates that presidents do not show their true identity.
    I agree with the meaning of the cartoon because studying the election process this year has made me understand/more aware of how politicians often wear masks and change their identities to ensure the popular vote.

    -Mariah Franco

  3. This cartoon is about Mitt Romney and the idea that he has multiple different personalities. It is also suggesting that presidential candidates present themselves to appeal to voters and that they are not always what they say they are. This cartoon is pointing out that Romney does not have a true self and that he is just trying to appeal to voters by having multiple personalities. I agree with this cartoon because I do believe that Presidential candidates are not honest to the voters and just try to appeal to the voters so they will earn votes.
    Danielle Hazlett

  4. Frankly i do agree with the cartoon because the campaigns seem so fake the major candidates say on thing and then end up contradicting themselves to try to win swing voters it makes the voters uncertain of their candidates and makes people think that they are liars.The cartoon simply says that the candidate changes their whole view on a certainly topic jut for the occasion.

    Ezri loy


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