Sunday, February 19, 2012

Carry and Concel

It is currently illegal to carry a concealed weapon in California except for some rural areas. Therefore, some areas are allowing open carry laws for its citizens. Gun owning advocates are hopeful that the Supreme Court will soon rule in favor of a broader law to allow concealed weapons.

The second amendment reads as follows: A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.

Would the right to carry a concealed weapon fall into this amendment? Would a law allowing for concealed weapons make society safer or more dangerous?


  1. Carrying a concealed weapon would hurt the society.It would become very unsecured and innocent people would be dying for no reason.The people would feel more secure of themselves but there are so many crazy people these days you have no idea if your going to be walking down the street and someone on drugs freaks out and shoots you because they think you are trying to kill them. The world already isn't a safe place, the amendment would only allow the death rate to rise. I do believe we have a right to bear arms but at the same time its so risky, why take the risk.
    -Janett Gomez

  2. In my eyes it appears that the Framers of the constitution provide the right to bear arms in order to allow a militia to carry weapons. Although as a citizen you have the right to bear arms, I consider carrying a concealed gun is not the same as bearing arms. To benefit society, I think that concealed weapon permits should be limited to prevent potential murders or injuries that may occur if the permit was granted looser than it presently is.

  3. The right of the people to bear arms shouldn't be taken from them but if we are going to let just anybody carry around a gun then it needs to be very strict. There are people who cannot be trusted but there are others who will be responsible with it. So the only thing left to do is trust that people will act accordingly and enforce security and strict punishment for those who misuse their right.

  4. hey it's Olivia again.....
    I personally think people should be allowed to carry concealed weapons, but only if they are U.S citizens and have licenses to do so. the world is slowly collapsing, and before we know it the jails will have let out hundreds of criminals due to budget cut-backs. i dont know about you, but there are already a lot of sick, crazy-minded people out here, and everyone has a right to protect themselves.
    on the other hand, even citizens themselves are crazy, so it is hard to have a so called "local militia" when everyone in it doesn't trust everyone else. the truth is, we'll probably never be able to judge who is in the right mind to carry a concealed weapon, and we don't have enough money to back people up who make the wrong choices.

  5. Alex Abbott

    i think that people do have the right to bear arms but i don't completely agree with the open carry laws. there are some sketchy people out there that you do not want to have access ti guns.
    i think that people who want to carry around a gun should pass some kind of test , both about knowledge and mental stability, and recieve some kind of permit. it is still giving them that right its just making it harder for them to bear arms. just like the abortions in mississippi.

  6. I think that gun laws are well regulated, especially here in California with waiting periods and background checks (they do that here, guys). Open carry laws only mean you can have a weapon on you, for self defense. To me, this is perfectly fine and allows people to feel safer in a world full of violent crimes. However, having concealed weapons is a little dangerous and shouldn't be allowed to just anyone. Some may argue that people will go crazy on drugs and kill people, but if you think about it, don't those kind of people conceal weapons anyway? Allowing it won't make it more common, it will just make it a legal excuse.

    -Brandon Martin

  7. Jose Jimenez Per. 2March 9, 2012 at 8:14 PM

    The government should not put restrictions on our gun rights because it is in the constitution but people should not be allowed to carry them in public whenever they want to. I f the government is going to let people carry guns they need to make sure that these people are law-abiding citizens and not criminals. People should have to go through certain restrictions in order to get a gun so that they dont fall into the hands of the wrong people.

  8. adriana ramirez
    In my personal opinion the 2nd amendment states that you dont have to be in a melisha to bear arms but if we think about it and let anyone and everybody have a weapon with out being strict how many homisides would we have. I think that the law enfoprcemnt would just have to be more strict with the unresponsible people carrying weapons.


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