Monday, February 13, 2012

Birth Control Debate

There has been some controversy recently over President Obama's decision to require health plans to provide free birth control for its customers. Specifically Catholic hospitals feel that it violates their freedom of religion to preach against the use of birth control. While you are free to comment on that issue, I would like to make this issue hit closer to home. Would you support tax payer funded birth control handed out at your school? The arguments are the same: would such a policy limit STDs' and pregnancy or does it advocate sexual activity?


  1. hiii.
    its theresa cervantes:]]]
    i would support tax payers funding birth control handed out at my school. i think over all it would be cheaper. . .and smarter to pay taxes on prevention to pregnancy rather than the welfare when teens already have kids. i dont think that paying taxes on birth control pills would advocate sexual activity because if people wanna do it. .then they r gunna. weather they are or are not on birth control. this issue would be smarter to everyone because their would def be less teen pregancies and yeah!!!

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  3. At the moment, I am unsure of where I stand on this issue. I agree that sexual activities will take place no matter what the school provides but I am unsure that it is appropriate for birth control to be distributed at school. There are students as young as 13 and 14 years old and it may be uncomfortable for the younger students first entering high school to know that it is provided. Also, it is a bit too personal to have at school and I feel that getting it at a free clinic may be a better route for students. But as I said, I am not completely set on my opinion yet.

  4. Hormones are raging and whether parents or adults agree with it or not teenagers are having sex more frequently than parents can imagine! It has been my belief since as long as i can remember that things left unsaid can create greater damage. For example, a very conservative latin family will NEVER mention the word sex. It doesn't even form a part of their dictionary and is a topic that will not be discussed with their children. However, the daughter will hear about it at school, will be ignorant to the consequences and the many contraceptives that exist. Therefore a guy will sweet talk, and she winds up pregnant at 14, just a few months before she takes that health class.

    I believe that schools who hand out birth control would have fewer teen pregnancies. On the other hand it is IMPOSSIBLE to control the interpretation that teens will take on the subject. Some will say "HELL YEA! Now i can screw around" & others will simply be protected. But isn't it better to be safe than sorry? & isn't it enough if just one student can be "saved" or "helped"? wouldn't that be worth it? That sure makes one more student who can ACTUALLY go to college. & one less baby that will wind up as an orphan or in a low income society.

    Wasn't state & religion two seperate things? Why are they being discussed as one? It should be the hospitals decision. Government shouldn't interfere. But then again, if your not catholic what are you doing going to a catholic hospital? Aren't there other ones out there, where you CAN get your birth control? Shoot, isn't there a thing called Planned Parenthood?

  5. hey,Mr.Bauer its -Janett G. what i think over the free birth control is that it does go against all the belief with the catholic community.I think there would be a raise in STD's and well the world would be worse.God made people so that they would re-create so im not sure it would help out with "future generations" although as i see it they just keep getting worse as in more open or more out there,.Birth control should be for those over the age of 18 unless there are medical issues.It a controversy and it would lead the world into a bigger whole finding more diseases that are not curable.

  6. hey it's Olivia French,

    i think that religion should have absolutely nothing to do with federal and state laws. now morality issues are one thing, but just because the Catholic Hospital likes to preach against birth control, does that mean every Catholic feels the same way?? it is up to people themselves to be safe and decide to protect against ST D's and unwanted pregnancies, and if health care services hand out free birth control to the women who desperately need it but cannot afford it, why would you argue against that. it's fine if a certain group of people to not support that, but they don't have the authority to make the entire nation's decisions for them. and if birth control was handed out at school's with our tax-payer money, i wouldn't oppose it, because i think it would prevent a lot of girls from dealing with some very tough decisions that they wouldn't be ready to make.

  7. Alex Abott

    I would NOT want my money to pay for some idiotic teenage girl to get birth control. That is ridiculous. Tax money should be spent on more important things such as fixing roads and highways.
    Giving out free birth control does advocate sexual activity.
    also, i agree completely with everything janett said up there ^^^

  8. I for one completely agree with Carolina. In many families, the subject of sex is never brought up or is very taboo. Ignoring contraceptives leads to both girls and boys being naive and spreading disease or causing teen pregnancy.

    T bring it closer to home, I have been raised in a Catholic home my entire life, but I fully believe in the use of contraceptives, whether they be birth control pills, shots, etc, or condoms etc.

    Supplying and arming teens with the tools they need to stay safe doesn't advocate sex, only makes it safer for those who already take part in those activities. Those who think it will spread disease are just ludicrous...the idea is to PREVENT those things, and they will in a major way.

    People need to start thinking smart, and if they have an issue with something, keep it to themselves and don't participate.

  9. Jose Jimenez Per. 2March 9, 2012 at 8:27 PM

    I dont know how I feel about this, I am catholic and i know birth control is frowned-upon by catholics because they want people to be abstenant but teen-pregnancy is an epidemic now and we need to do something about it. I think that birth control should be given out to teens who want it with no charge because, chances are that, if we dont do this and kids keep having babies at a young age we are going to be using our tax dollers to pay for their welfare and government assistance because there is a strong drop-out rate of kids who get pregnant in their teen years. They dont go to school and dont have the tools and skills to get a good job to provide for their kids so what do they do? they file for gov assistance. Handing out birth control at school is not promoting sex because kids are already so sexually active at such a young age giving them birth control will not send the message that sex is okay, it will at least get them thinking about safe sex practices.

  10. adriana ramirez
    In my personal opinion i think its absolutely not fair for tax payers to pay more taxes for schools to give birth control to the students. Giving out birth contorl in schools will increase the rate of teenagers getting pregnant. I would not support this at all.


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