Sunday, November 13, 2011

Presidential Debates

The Republican party is holding a series of presidential debates in advance of the Republican primary elections that are coming up in early 2012. The winner of the Republican primary will square off against Barack Obama in the general election later in 2012.

It seems, however, that the Republican field is suffering a bunch of self-inflicted wounds. Rick Perry can't seem to remember which agencies he wants to cut. Mitt Romney, who is Mormon, has to deal with the fact that when he was governor of Massachusetts he implemented a health care law that looks suspiciously like the one Obama pushed through Congress. Also, will his religion be an issue with voters? Another candidate, Herman Cain, has been accused of sexual harassment by a number of women that he used to work with.

All of this begs the questions: should any of these issues matter for individuals running for president? And, what qualities matter for someone interested in running for president?


  1. The fact that Rick Perry forgot what exactly he wanted to cut shows that while in the presidential office he may forget what he was doing for the country or forget about a law that needs to be passed. now for Mitt romney, the fact that he is mormon is definitwely gonna affect wehter or not he will be able to run. most people dont like the morals of the mormon and how they see the world. Also for herman cain, with his history of working with others, its probably almost a for sure that he wont run agaisnt obama. what we want for a president is someone who will look out for our country and want to take care of us.

  2. Rick Perry's forgetfulness should matter to voters because it shows that he doesn't care about the agencies he cut and ultimatly, the lives of the jobs that have been lost with the cut. As for Mitt Romney, the issue will affect him negatively for votes because it makes him seem like he can't come up with his own ideas which wouldn't be a great quality as president. Also, religion will always play a key component to politics so it will probably won't help him increase votes. Herman Cain will be disliked strongly also because if he has not already followed the law, then he probably will feel above the law and not feel the need to follow it after being elected. Plus, sexual harrassment is very serious and it would be difficult to trust him after he has supposedly commited these crimes.
    Someone running for president should be trusted by the majority if not all of Americans. Another trait desired by a president would be the ability to make difficult decisions even if not everyone agrees.

  3. Its a bit strange and alarming that Rick Perry forgot what he was planning on cutting because you dont just all of a sudden forget something that important. I think his credibility was damaged after that and that could have cost him some of his supporters. I dont think religion should matter when looking for a president because it is irrelevant to how well he/she will do the job. Mitt Romney should not be ostracized because of his religion but if he is copying other presidents he wont get far in politics because people will see he cant make descisions or plans by himself. If Herman Cain was found guilty of sexual harrasment that would not be good but if he hasnt that shouldnt ruin his campaign because nowadays everyone is being accused of stuff like that, some of its true and some isnt. jose jimenez period 2.

  4. hey its Olivia,

    All of the men listed above have shown factors of themselves to the country that make it hard for one to really decide if they should be head of office.things like sexual harassment and confusion should impact a voters decision, because things like that show what kind of a person someone is, or made out to be. Unfortunately for people of religious decent are discriminated against as well because most Americans feel that religion impacts a person's moral and justified decisions. and also how can you tell a person is really sincere when they apologize for such serious crimes? anyways, people should let 'like' and 'dislike' impact their decisions, because it is important in politics to express your opinions and own beliefs, or else have a world controlled by one.

    Olivia French

  5. Alex Abbott

    A leader should be able to learn from their mistakes and from others so the fact that they did those things is not as important as if they learned from it and whether or not they changed how they deal with situations like the one they screwed up on. Maybe the guy who didnt know what to cut at that time was not ready to be a leader but perhaps now he has learned how to wisely choose what to cut and what not too.
    And as far as religion, that should not be the deciding fact as to if that individual gets to become a leader or not.
    The guy that sexually harassed women many times obviously did not learn from his mistakes which shows that he does not have the qualities to become a leader.

  6. None of these men are good candidates for president. Forgetfulness in office could be catastrophic: he has how many people working for him, to remind him of everything, and he can't remember what programs he wants to ice? For shame.

    Religion is legally separate from state, but that won't keep it separate from the voters. If the public doesn't like what a candidate believes in or stands for, it will show when the ballots come in. If the public is against someone, they will never make it into office.

    Sexual harassment is a big deal in the workplace. However, multiple accusations proves nothing in the court of law; stories can be fabricated by this man's co-workers and more and more pop up as time goes on, much like the women who accused Tiger Woods. Unless he is proven guilty he has almost nothing going against him: But if the public can't trust a candidate, how can they trust him in Presidency? Thank you for showing us that, Clinton.

  7. It should matter if a candidate expressed forgetfulness because voters will lose confidence in the candidate. Unfortunately the religion of whoever is running for candidacy also matters because of the prejudice and bias that people practice. Even though church is separate from state, that doesn't mean that the voters will take that into consideration while voting. Also, having had pushed for a similar plan as Obama did can't be good for Romney's "image" in the republican field.

    And referring to Caine, that's not even important anymore because hes out of the race.-I'm a bit late :o

    The one thing important while campaigning is maintaining the voters engages and keeping their trust. When you loose their interest, you loose your game.


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