Sunday, November 27, 2011

Extending the Border Fence

The Federal government is sponsoring a $4.3 million project to extend the border fence between California and Mexico 300 feet into the Pacific Ocean. Is this a wise use of funds? What are the trade-offs and opportunity costs?



  1. Alex Abbott

    A trade off is basically an exchange for one thing in return for another so the trade off for spending 4.3 million on this wall would be that there would be the other choices that we choose not to do or spend money on such as road repairs.

    An opportunity cost would pretty much be the cost of passing up the next best choice when making a decision. or the cost of the trade off. In this case the decision is building a 4.3 million dollar wall so the opportunity cost could be that since there are less illegal immigrants because of the wall then now we will have less things to pay for in our taxes such as medical care or education for the illegals.

  2. The benefits of extending the border would definitely keep out unwanted immagrants that would take up jobs that others need. Also theres the fact that the amount of money that is being put into this could be used wisely on something else, something that could help out our economy.

  3. Deisi Arias,

    The benefits of extending the border would be really bad, because the immigrants are always going to find a way to get in America. Americans wouldn't be doing all the jobs that illegal immigrants attend to do. All immigrants do is work hard for more opportunities in life. Our economy will be worse because no American would be doing this kind of work, this country will strugle more.

  4. Well first i must say that this country is kind of crazy! at times, of course but that's not the point.
    Well my interpretation of the trade off would be the many other things the money being spent could help. It would be better if the Federal government maybe focused more on our debt, but that is just me.
    The opportunity costs would be that America would be safer? Less illegal immigrants? More jobs that most of our population is not really willing to do? I'm not really sure of why they are trying to do this.
    I believe that these funds could be used for something more beneficial rather than extending the border.

  5. hey its Olivia french...

    i honestly dont think that another 300 feet of the wall is worth 4.3 million dollars. thats a little bit of wall for a lot of buck. besides, it might just get destroyed over a few years anyways with all this scary weather happening. the trade-offs of this situation are 4.3 million dollars in exchange to potentially keep further restraints on illegals coming in, and maybe even spare jobs in the future (although thats not the main unemployment issue). oppurtunity costs would be giving up the 4.3 million dollars for a wall when that money could instead be used for our own benefit, such as roads, education, maybe even helping the constuction market.

  6. Arturo Vargas.

    This is a huge waste of money to be spend on what might never work. A huge storm can come through and destroy the border fence. Those $4.3 Million could be use towards repairing roads or schools in need.

  7. Jessica Esparza,
    well i think that exending the border would be a waste of the countrys money, immigrants will still find a way to come into the United States in the hope of living a better life. if the border were to be extended, yes it would keep immigrants out of the couuntry for a while but it would eventually come down

  8. Hii it is amber garcia!!
    I feel that this is not a wise use of spending on the government's part. Extending the wall will not necessarily keep illegal immigrants out of this country. They can still find other ways to sneak into the U.S. The trade offs of this investment would be that the U.S. would spend a lot of money on the border to keep people out of this country. And opportunity cost would be to spend a large amount of money on something that would eventually fail in the end.

  9. 4.3 Million is actually very little to spend on a construction project. However, extending the border wall is a fruitless endeavor. People will still come over the border even if they have to go through the ocean. The extended wall may decrease and discourage immigrants, bur it will in no way eliminate the issue.

  10. honestly, i dislike this. 4.3 million dollars could be spent on way bigger and better things. We could of spent that on schools or something that will even slightly make a change in this world. A huge tsunami can come and wipe it down in a second. thats 4 million dollars down the drain!!! for what? we already have border patrol, if u need more, hire more people and give people jobs and let the economy grow. in all, i disagree with this.

    mason weaver

  11. That is a ridiculous decision that should have been reviewed before approved. Why spend so much money on something that OBVIOUSLY is impossible to control! "hoping the fence" is not the only way to get into the country. So i find its one of the stupidest ways to spend money. Why not use that money for education? Or to cover other costs. Or to pay off some of that DEBT that keeps growing and growing by the day!

    Its only ignorance that gets soooo many people believing false things.

    A trade off is that the extension of the fence will (in the mind of whoever decided this) cause for less people to "invade". An opportunity cost is that the debt we currently have will continue to grow and the federal government will have no money to pay for other things. awesome!


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