Thursday, September 6, 2012

President Obama made his plea to the American voter this evening, laying out his vision for America and attacking Mitt Romney's policies over the last four years.

How did he "sell" himself?  What was his vision and what were his criticisms?  Did you like the speech?  Would you vote for him?

Remember, you can respond to this speech or Mitt Romney's speech last week.


  1. Obama sold himself by tying the nation. He uses the technique of relating to how everyone in America is fighting for the same reasons. He said that everyone knows they are a part of something larger than just a job or a career and that everything they do helps our country. He also states that everyone believes in the fact that hard work pays off. These two statements tie the country together because everyone does believe that. Obama also critisizes the Republicans by saying that all that Romney had to say in his speech was the bad things about America. Obama also tried to make it clear that Romney never told America what he would try to do to fix our current problems. Obama believes that tax breaking the wealthy will never permanently fix our economy and that cutting back on students' financial aid will not do anyone any good either. Obama sells himself by saying he will not tell America what they want to hear; that he will tell America the truth. I did like his speech because he did tie into everyone's belief that hard work pays off. This statement can be relieving for some people to hear because there's times where people get overstressed with work. Being reminded that the hard work will pay off is a reliever. I also liked his speech because he stated what he will do in the next four years to improve our economy and that he will make it possible. Yes, I would vote for him because in comparison to Romney's speech, Obama had a lot of good points and helpful views about finances and how the Republicans will only make things worse by doing the things that have already been failures, which is not what America needs.

    Danielle Hazlett

  2. He sold himself by contesting his own ability as a leader. He let us know that he has worked to improve our nation. His vision for our country is to have a better life and to create a better life for the future generations. He understands that education is the key to most forms of sucess, and he wants to make education available to those who want it. He also tells the nation that he is not telling us what we want to hear, but what we need to hear. He is giving us what we need.
    He criticizes the Republican Party for being dreamers. They had plenty to say about what is being done wrong and they have a vision for the better, but tthey give no plan on how to reach the better life. Obama criticizes the Republicans for not being Progressive.
    I would have voted for him four years ago, and I would vote for him again this year. There are a lot of things that he has done, even if much of the nation cannot see. There have been problems with his term, but he did have to wrestle with the aftermath of Bush's presidency. No president's term ever runs smoothly.

  3. Obama is hoping to create a better life for, us, the middle class. He backs up his evidence by describing how his grandfather was a man who went to take a chance to go to college and have a solid career, and Obama says that the reason why he became president was because he saw the fair shot at being among the successful Americans. Obama criticizes how the republican are like prescribers who gives the medicine that have multiple symptoms, and they ask to wait and see what happens next. Obama’s plan is to put better standards so that the students in this country will outrank all other nations in the world and to focus on ending the war on terror sooner so that way the nation could be rebuilding itself. Obama “sells” himself by telling his experiences with the hardships of the middle class and tells the people that those who are struggling to survive give Obama hope that the unfortunate will receive a chance to rise. I can relate more to Obama’s speech than to Romney’s since the Democratic Party helps those who are middle class and too poor to live. It is a really tough decision to whom I would vote for but I believe Obama may be able to help the country as a whole.

    Cristian Villanueva

  4. Obama sold himself by reminding America how much progress has been made in the last four years, although, it's not as fast as Americans would like, we are progressing and can only keep progressing if we give his plan more time. He sells himself again by pointing out that compared to his opponent he has a plan and is openly sharing his plan with the nation. as Obama stated about Romney " he wants your vote but doesn't want you to know his plan " because romney failed to point out a clear plan if he was to be elected. Obama plans on saving education not making more cuts to it, because in the long run it would hurt our nation. Also, he firmly believes in not giving tax breaks for the wealthy, as republicans are known for supporting.He stands to protect the working class, and even plans to create 4 million manufacturing jobs and 4 trillion in revenue, yet he also failed to elaborate on where and how he plans to create these jobs from and what exactly his plan is for any money we do bring in. There were some faults in his speech- like more opened promises rather than keeping old ones- that i didn't like but for the most part i liked his speech and would vote for Obama if I could. I don't believe any person could save our nation that's been going down hill for decades in a short 4 years.

  5. I believe that Obama sold himself as a candidate who is willing to help not just the wealthy class of our nation, but every class, including the poorest people of America. He also sells himself as a person who will attempt to put everything into lowering our national debt, and to withdraw all of our troops from other countries. He also says much about putting money into schools, jobs, and building a stable nation. President Obama critized Romney on his ideas about the war, such as the withdrawal of our troops from foreign countries and putting money into wars that shouldn't be going on. He also mentions about not giving the wealthy class tax breaks and including that schools will not be able to kick students off financial aid and other student aid. President Obama gave an incredible speech which had me sucked in while he spoke about our nation's problems and how he would put his all into finding the solution to all of them. I would vote for Obama if I was the legal age to vote.

  6. Obama had a very excellent speech. He focused on his people and they're needs and speaking about how he already has a plan to help everyone in need. Obama has a vision to try and fix our nation, and from the way he speaks and the things he says, I believe him. And if I we're able to vote, I would infact vote for him.
    -Elisa Flores

  7. Obama reminded us that he is just a man, an American like all of us. He made it easy for people to relate to him on some level. He made it clear that he wants to help those who want help. He is willing to help those struggling, whether it be financial issues or just the lack of education. He wants to help students, the middle class, and continue with his plans to fix the economy. Obama said his speech would be straightforward, whereas Romney's was not. I did like his speech because he was easier to relate to. Obama believes in hard work and the rewards that people earn because of it. Obama's speech seemed more positive to me and I had more faith. Yes, I would vote for him because I could actually finish watching his speech. It seemed to be more real. With Romney's speech, I felt like he was sugar coating everything even beyond what was to be expected.

    Ma'Ree Fakhouri

  8. obama gave out a very strong and convincing speech to America. He sold himself by not telling what the people of the United States wanted to hear but the truth. He also talked about all the failures and his successes, while Romney only talked about all of the past failures and has not talked about how he plans to improve the United States. Obama speaks how he plans to make some changes, he isn't promising that they'll go into effect fast but all in good time. How he plans to improve jobs, schools, and aid small businesses and not have students fall behind and help students for a better education so they can find a job here instead of the U.S. looking for other workers out of countries. In hs speech, his main point was on how he'll help the economy get better and help the poorer classes and ending the war and terrorism. He talks a lot about moving forward and forward to make the U.S. even better than before. I think I would vote for Obama, because he has made a lot of changes after how the previous president left it and has many more bright ideas to help the U.S. unlike Romney.
    -Anthony Lopez

  9. I think Obama gave a very good speech. He was open about what his plans as president would be, unlike his oppenent Romney. He was apply to sell himself by appealing to the masses. He plans to help out the middle and lower class, and not provide further tax breaks for multimillionaires. He also wants to creat more jobs here in America by outsourcing less jobs to other countries. Obama also send he would increase spending on schools and make college more affordable for students. He wants to do this because he believes only through education can we compete with these other countries. Obama also focuses on our sense of patriotism by telling us that we must be a part of this change if want to better our personal lives as well as fix our economy. I think Obama is a better candidate then Romney and I would vote for him.... If I could.
    -Jose Hinojosa


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