Thursday, August 30, 2012

Romney Asks For Your Support

Mitt Romney made his plea to the American voter this evening, laying out his vision for America and attacking Obama's policies over the last four years.

How did he "sell" himself?  What was his vision and what were his criticisms?  Did you like the speech?  Would you vote for him?

Remember, you can respond to this speech or President Obama's speech next week.


  1. Mitt Romney sold himself by telling us about his life as a child, and his life as a young working man. He made a connection with the audience on a personal level, understanding how people are upset and angry about the state of the economy, and how hard it is to get by now a days, and to help their struggling families.
    His vision is a balanced budget, with 12 million new jobs, with a new and improved middle class, and to dig America out of the hole it is in.
    He criticized Obama's sucess at Obamacare, his higher taxes, and his dealing with Poland, and with Iran.
    I did like Romneys speech. He seemed very concerned about the poor, and the availability of jobs, which is now affecting everyone. By the way he sold himself, he seems very down to Earth and respectable.
    I dont know yet who I would vote for.

    Kaitlyn Court

  2. Romney tried to “sell” himself by mentioning his amount of experience, religious background, and his family background. He portrays himself, his VP, and his wife as people we can all relate to- people person. Romney appeals to the women voters through mentioning his support for women. This campaign knows that his VP and his physical appearance appeals to the masses. Romney promotes family unity and the American Dream.

    Romney’s vision: create 12 million new jobs, trade agreements, not raising taxes on the middle class, freedom of religion, and the economy- rolling back deficits.
    Romney’s criticisms were: Obama failed to slow Iran’s nuclear proj., and that Obama is too flexible with Russia. Romney says that now gas has doubled, and taxes led to the elimination jobs. The cuts to our military have put our nation at risk. The big issue is the cut to Medicare, and nearly 1 of 6 Americans is in poverty.

    Overall, I liked his speech writer choice of words. I think that the last few moments of his speech was powerful, his usage of repetition made it more persuasive. Before I make a choice of who I would vote for, I will need to see Obama’s speech.

    -Mariah Franco

  3. Candidate Mitt Romney wants to put people back to work because a part of the nation is unemployed and the national debt is increasing and how the college students are not able to get a job after they graduate. Romney “sells” himself by relating to the people who are unemployed and those seeking for a better life in America and he also relates how his lifestyle was in the past and how he and his wife lives before the speech. He criticizes President Obama by being ineffective to benefiting business and job offerings since, according to Romney, which Obama has cut trillions of dollars just to try to fix the economy and is trying to borrow a trillion dollars from China. I think that Romney’s speech is powerful among the people, like myself, are struggling to get a job these days and for those who dream to have a small business and to have a solid career. But I do not know yet if I would vote for Romney until I have heard about President Obama’s speech and plans if he is re-elected, because many of us will need to think about the benefits and costs of both parties.

    -Cristian Villanueva

  4. Romney sold himself by relating to his audience. He simply explains the problems and who caused them, and explains how he will fix them, the right way. To me his solutions are what everyone would expect should happen, therefore it seems he understands and actually listens to the people of america instead of just using his power (such as Obama) to force things to do their best to work, and if they don't, throw money at it to make it work. Invisible hand does not exist in democrats such as Obama, if something wont work they make it work causing problems in other areas. Romney understands Obamas mistakes and plans to put America back on track and allow it to take its course, allow hard working americans a chance to rise and fall just as it should be.

  5. Both tried to relate to the public but Romney seemed to fake.He was all about creating jobs but he didn't seem to interested in the environment because he wanted to blow mountain tops to crate those jobs.Romney also wants to cut the deficit. He criticized Obama's health care.Obama had better plans but the only problem is that what he promises he should get ti done.I would note vote for neither because i am against abortions and democrats are in favor and Romney is to fake.

    Ezri loy

  6. Mit Romney sold himself by stating that he had a plan, unlike President Obama. He tried to relate himself to the normal people by stating his start in business when he was young. He also tried to relate himself to the families of the working class with the discussion of his. Romney also tried to bring a pride of this country in his speech. He appeals as a business man, someone who knows how to run things. I believe he had a powerful speech, he appeals to many people. He appealed to women by stating how he employed many women in his businesses and when he was governor. He also appealed to college students and families who are going to be paying for their education. We should believe in a country where we aren't afraid of not being able to get a job after college. He states on how he will work for our families so that life in America can be like it was in past years. He also criticized Obama's lack of experience and Obamacare. Romney used powerful word choices and relations to appeal to the American people. He wanted to appeal to Americans who want to be proud of this country. Romney says he'll create over 12 million jobs, while also lowering taxes on the middle class. Also instead of buying oil and other resources from other country, we start using our own instead. I believe that Romney brought up some interesting points and criticisms.

    -Brittney Young

  7. He talks about the American experience and why people come to America. He criticized how the government had changed over 4 years and people lost some of their dreams. That they didn’t get the change they deserved. He sold himself by talking about his life and how he grew up and relating to the general population. Also by saying that women deserve equal rights to be in the government. His vision is to provide hope and change things, to bring back positivity in America. In promoting success and celebrating it. His vision is to create jobs, to help stop the middle class turning to poverty, to keep Medicare funds. He says he has an idea to create 12 million new jobs. He believes children should have a chance to be successful in school. He said he had five steps to be successful.
    I thought the speech was well planned, and pretty inspiring and convincing. I would vote for Romney because I believe he is the change the USA needs.
    -Ashley Petersen

  8. I think Mitt Romney sold himself by making people feel comfortable and reassure them that he is just like any other person who wants the economy back. He made a personal connection with the crowd. He criticized Obamacare and the taxes he has enforced. But Romney wants to create millions of new jobs and stimulating the economy. Idk if I would vote from him because it bugs me how close minded most republicans are but I think Mitt is very well-spoken.


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