Monday, March 5, 2012

Have You Seen the Price of Gas?

Gas station

Read this article and explain why gas prices are so high. What should the government do? A conservative would want the government to do little and to let the "market" set the price of gas. A liberal would want to use the power of government to regulate on the oil industry and/or to help make the price of gas more affordable though government action such as a price ceiling.


  1. Olivia French says....
    yay first one to comment!!!
    i believe that its the people who are controlling the gas prices. people have driven fuel-sucking cars for years, and we are finally paying the price. the gas marketing in and out of the country isn't great either, and i think the government is scared right now to step in and lower prices, because of fear form being cut off of gas from the huge gaqs exporting countries. i dont know how to solve this problem, except if everyone did their part by riding a bicycle or carpooling, there would be a lot less complaints about spending big bucks on gas every week.
    thats all i can think of...see you tomorrow!!

  2. I believe that there should be a price ceiling on gas, because it is one of the most necessary commodities in this day and age. Majority of people need to get somewhere, whether it be work, school, etc, and must drive or ride in a car. Due to the serious lack of public transportation in California especially, drastic rises and falls in prices with such a necessary thing only harms us. There is no reason why gas prices should not be regulated, as well as there is no reason we should import crude oil and not drill in America, after finding so many deposits.

    -Brandon Martin, 2nd period

  3. Jose Jimenez Per.2March 9, 2012 at 8:00 PM

    I don't see why the government hasn't done anything about the rising prices of gas. I think Olivia's comment on the government not wanting to step in because of fear is true; it is risky for the government to try and regulate gas prices because of th risk of the countries that export it cutting us off. I think that people need to carpool and take a bigger step in becoming green. I think the next step in lowering the prices of gas are to stop importing oil and begin to mine for gas in america.

  4. Helly here.

    What can be said that isn't already? The government wants to keep in good standing with the countries the US is buying from, which is a bit ridiculous when the citizens should be the ones they're really afraid of. If the prices get too upsetting, people are going to hold more opposition to the government. I'm not saying anarchy, but there will definitely be riots, I'm sure. What I don't understand, however, is instead of being scared of the suppliers why not be self-sufficient and use the resources from our own soil? Oh yeah, because businesses likes using other people's toys.
    Letting the "market" fix itself isn't working, so the government should really step in even if just by a little bit. They probably shouldn't take all the control since that would irritate the companies distributing the gas to the people, but should definitely be a backseat driver in this crazy car-ride of prices we, the consumers, are being taken on.

    Not sure if this is a sufficient answer, but it is sorta late. Have a good weekend, Mr. Bauer.

  5. Aimee Georguson/period 5March 13, 2012 at 6:20 PM

    I am personally all for going green as much as possible, especially in the form of transportation. Realistically though, many Americans can't afford to buy hybrid cars and go green on their own especially in this economic state. The government should consider giving incentives to Americans to buy better-on-gas cars such as giving tax write-offs or offering trades for more enviromental cars through the government. This unfortunately would affect car companies but hopefully give them an incentive to develop less-dependent-on-gas cars which would cause a better Earth in the long run.

  6. Janett Gomez
    Hey Mr. Bauer, i think
    the reason to which the gas is rising is because our global warming. The Gov't also is scared of our trading with outside countries. I think they maybe are trying to make people walk or use bikes more; that may be good for the fat people.The rise of prices is making it harder for people to make their daily trips to the supermarket or to arron's(idk if i spelled that right).it will be hard for people who can barely support themselves with food or family babys). I don't know how to fix it, i just believe that traveling a lot less would help. I think it would even be a change if we learned how not to travel so much to keep our money in our pockets.


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